Sunday, May 14, 2017

Glorious Anticipation

There are several kinds of anticipation.  There is the anticipation when you are summoned for a spanking.  The moment following being ordered to strip naked, and having to wait those few seconds or minutes in anticipation of receiving what's coming to you. 

Then there is other kind ... the kind a submissive husband gets when his gorgeous Mistress Wife informs him that he is to shave his face smooth this afternoon because he will be expected to orally service her.  I've said it before, being allowed to place my mouth on Mistress K.'s sex is such a glorious moment that I often will just sit there for a moment and relish in what I am about to be allowed to do. 

To anticipate being expected to deliver such a service hours ahead of time is just so wonderful.


  1. Anticipation is an amazing thing. I have frequently experienced the anticipation of being spanked. In that case, the anticipation can be pleasant or scary, depending on the type of spanking it will be. Up until now, my anticipation of being spanked by Cindy has been very positive. However, after Saturday night, it is now a bit scary (which is also positive in some ways).

    I also love offering oral pleasure to Cindy. However,she has not incorporated anticipation of that into our routine. In that case the anticipation will be wonderful. I love the idea of being told to make sure I shave very closely in anticipation of providing oral service. I'm going to make sure Cindy reads this post from you.


  2. Two great pleasures for a submissive husband that isn't taxed yet. Knowing she is going to spank you and the desire for that spanking builds until she tells you what position to assume. And the pleasure of giving her oral sex. As you get into position looking at her beautiful pussy (in R's case shaved) and getting closer enjoying the beauty of her sex, then your lips meet her pussy lips and taste her juices. Just the thought gets me excited.
    And yes Larry you should talk to Cindy about this she will receive great pleasure.

  3. *smiling* Happy for you :)


  4. That was a very powerful admission and very flattering to the appeal of your wife.

  5. Yes. Being ordered to shave closely leads to some delicious anticipation - and an even better time when the event finally arrives.

    Mistress Fannie has since reverted to me closely maintaining a full beard as she now finds that more comfortable on her inner thighs if the session stretches out too long - as even a close shave can be irritating after an hour of Her luxuriating in such intimate worship.

    I must confess it's one of my favorite pastimes.

    Warm regards,

    Desert Owl

  6. Knowing is one thing, waiting is another, but having to stand naked, hands on head, in other than the bedroom, knowing you might be seen is the worse. Only when I've really messed up does this happen. Thankful I have not been seen getting the spanking, but a couple of times have been seen afterwards, facing the wall. My mother-in-law once, shocked at first, but after hearing what I had done, stated she would have spanked harder. The other time was my a neighbor lady, my wife explained everything, the lady told my wife drop by later, her husband will have gotten his first spanking. My wife did visit and when she returned, she told me you don't want a spanking from her, her husbands bottom was really red. I said nothing, only to ask if I could get dress now and she said yes.

  7. My Queen and I have totally different viewpoints of "expectations". She does NOT like having an expectation of sex. I love it. I also do love the idea of having our play session fully planned out as you describe - that the main goal of the session will be cunnilingus. I don't like the term "make love" that much, but I really do feel like giving her oral sex is making love to her. It's intoxicating.


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