Thursday, November 23, 2017

Red Headed Women

I came across this ridiculous, bull shit click-bait thing about the sexiest redheads ... so naturally, I had to click.  Hey, it's redheads .... I can suffer through some idiotic webpage.  It's redheads.  You may already know that I am partial to redheads in part because my beloved Mistress Wife is a redhead.

These redhead celebrities are the 5 sexiest to me.  What about you?  Who are yours>

1.   Ellie Kemper  -  She's cute, adorable sexy, which is the best kind of sexy there is.  Just like Mistress K.

2.   Angie Everhart   -  Holy shit .... amazon goddess sexy.  This picture is one of the sexiest pictures ever taken of any woman, ever.  This also happens to be the very position that is my favorite position for spanking, sex, or ....  It's the "make love to the wall" position.

3.   Julianne Moore  -    Ultimate MILF sexy.  She has the look of the perfect combination of cuteness, graciousness, life experience and raw, base, hotness.  Rawr!!

4.    Emma Stone   -   The youthful, playful sexiness just oozes out of this girl.  Beautiful pale skin and holy fuck, that overbite!!  As an added bonus .... she happens to be from Scottsdale!  I have come to understand that Emma is a favorite among lesbian submissives.  I can see why.

5.   Faye Reagan   -   Yes, I know she is a porn star, but holy fuck is she gorgeous.  I have often encouraged Mistress K. to take on a female submissive to use as her own, personal plaything, Faye is who that should be.  Those freckles on that pretty but slutty face .... yum

Who are you favorite redheads?  I'd love to hear.  I'd also love to be able to show the sexiest redhead ever born here, but alas, she said no!


  1. Growing up I had a huge crush on Lee Remick. I also think both Redgrave sisters were hot in their own ways......and stayed so even into their senior years.

  2. Maureen O'Hara and Jill St John are two of my favourite redheads.I wonder if it's true that their bottoms turn redder when they are spanked?

    1. Yes, their bottoms do turn redder and faster when spanked!

  3. Oh I recently remembered I had a thing for Louise Robey back n the 90's! She was on a Showtime series called "Friday the 13th" and later became a genuine countess.

  4. Oh my! Every celebrity fem dom fantasy I have revolves around Julianne Moore!


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