Saturday, June 13, 2015

Monthly Visitor

It's that time of the month when Mistress is visited by, well you know ..........

When Mistress is in her blooming phase each month, a few things happen.  First, I know that it will be several days before I even have the opportunity to worship her there, or anywhere near there because Mistress has a pretty strict "stay away policy" when she is, you know.  Mistress has always been very unwilling to allow my face to get anywhere near her there, even back before we were in our FLM.  Another thing that happens, or should I say has the potential for happening, is that Mistress will don her strap on and fuck me like the ass whore that I am.  Mistress has said in the past that during these times every month, is when it is most likely that she will take me that way.  *fingers crossed ....  oh boy, oh boy I hope.  Another thing that happens during these times monthly ..... Mistress is very horny.  Very horny.

Yesterday morning, Mistress had emerged from the shower and after having told me that today I would be edging myself a number of times, she ordered me to strip, retrieve the bottle of lube and to go sit in her chair in our bedroom.  She had me scoot to the edge of the seat, spread my legs and then told me to masturbate for her.  She stood there for a moment and watched, pleased with what she was seeing and then walked over the night stand and pulled out her vibrator.  She walked back over to the chair, climbed on the right arm rest, spread her legs and placed the now-humming vibrator directly on her clit, while she continued to watch me masturbate for her. 

She told me I could slow down if I felt I was close to coming, but was in no way allowed to stop.  I asked her how it felt to have another human being be owned and to be used at any given for sexual pleasure.  She simply replied "be quiet" and continued to work her vibrator.  She had an enormous, deep orgasm in seconds.  Those of you that know me know that just watching have an orgasm is almost enough by itself for me to orgasm, especially when I am laid out before her and masturbating.  I have been conditioned to have her orgasms be enough for the both of us and when she was finished, I felt like I wanted to collapse right along side her. 

I love her so much.  She is always thinking about me and that morning, this treat she gave was enough to have me walking on air all day. 


  1. Hi sub hub, you made me giggle with the metaphorical expressions you use for the period, because otherwise you are always very open and to the point in giving all aspects of sexuality a proper name. :)
    Anyways, I think it is great that your Mistress gave you such a wonderful time with her, and I get you on how satisfying it is to see the pleasure of your partner. I love that too, though I only have few restrictions concerning orgasms now. It is great to see how much you love this and for me it looks as if the connection your Mistress and you have, is a wonderful one. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.



    1. Thanks Ni Na. Glad I could make you giggle. Giggling is fun. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

  2. Sub Hub,
    You know, when it's that blooming time of the month I would think that most women wouldn't want their man .... well you know.... near there. Well my friend, eventually that will come to an end, you know, the 'stay away from there' visitations. Then you get to look forward to the 'is it hot in here?' or "am the only one that is sweating?" or the middle of the night episodes when you are jolted awake and and say "who threw all the covers off the bed?" Only to be answered by "shut up, I'm sweating" followed shortly there after by the "I'm freezing, cover me up" commands.
    Life is one mystery after another when it comes to taking care of you know who.
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks pal. Yeah, I'm looking for to the adventures of "it's hot in her" and the like. I actually am. Enjoy your weekend too my friend and thanks as always for stopping by.

  3. Ni Na- I laughed at the same thing!!

    "Ass whore" roles off your tongue with ease but PERIOD is the word you avoid!? I am literally laughing out loud as I type this =]

    For the record, I do hope that you two have a great weekend and that your blooming Mistress K fucks your ass Just like your hoping.



    1. Funny ain't it ..... Ass whore does just seem to roll off my tongue. I hope to be that for her while she is on her PERIOD. There, I said it. *smile

  4. Can't help but laugh at the comments here! We have nothing but girls in this house and while Heron is very uncomfortable with talking about periods, he has to listen to that kind of talk way more than he cares too.

    I can completely relate to being super horny during that time but it's Heron that is hands off and avoids me like the plague. If I am really good, he may let me indulge myself.

    Hopefully the rest of your weekend is going well and you get what you are so haping for.


    1. Thanks so much lg. Something about being on your PERIOD (there, I said it again) that makes you girls horny huh? Like I'm Hers said, the mysteries of life

  5. Hi sub hub, giggling at the comments to and love your "blooming phase" description. What an awesome way to start the day :)



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