Monday, July 14, 2014

Selfish me

Last night, while on vacation, the kids were sleeping in the other room and Mistress wants pleasure.  She demanded the kisses all over her back and bottom that she loves.  While worshipping her this way, my hand wandered over her glorious naked body.  My hand lingered on her naked bottom and my fingers would individually graze up and down the crack of her bottom, as if knowing that heaven existed there.  Mistress moaned when my fingers lingered there.

Finally .... Thud ... There was a noise. We both thought it was one of the kids about To invade our privacy but instead it turned out to be thunder. She pulled the covers over herself and turned on her side, back facing away from me.  I was about to pout when suddenly she grabbed the cock she owns ( the one attached to my body) and started rubbing her pussy with it.  She told me to to "work it in".  Once inside, i was already near the edge of orgasm but she said that there will be no cumming for me this night.  She knew I brought several toys.  Toys like cock/ball harnesses, butt plugs, cock sleeve, etc.  She assumed I brought her vibrator too so she asked for it.  Problem was, I didn't bring it and she was none too pleased. She tried to find an orgasm with her fingers while my cock was buried inside her glorious pussy. She tried to get me to fuck her but if I started to thrust I would surely orgasm, which of course I was already forbidden from doing.

In the end, I don't know if she orgasmed or not.  I do know that she was not happy that was so selfish as to not bring her fave vibrator with us on vacation.  She rolled over and simply said 48 hours, which in this marriage means that I have a punishment spanking coming and I have 48 hours to sure that Mistress executes it.  She reached over and grabbed cock and started stroking it again until i was teetering on the edge, then she released me and rolled over to sleep.

This morning, just now is when my spanking took place.  It's kind of chilly where we are.  I don't know if that had an effect on my already naked body, but when Mistress put me on the bed on a pile of pillows so my ass was in the air, and when she delivered the first blow, I hurt like hell!  Right away, ouch!


  1. Sub hub, I like that term.... "48 hours" It's quick, short, and leaves no doubt that you got yourself into some deep do-do that you aren't getting out of without consequences. Lucky you you only had to wait less than 10. Stay out of trouble and buy a second vib that you can keep in your travel bag!

    1. Thanks I'm -Hers. The term does make it easy to clearly communicate something significant enough to warrant a spanking has happened, even when we are in mixed company. We are vacationing in a very small town in the mountains of Arizona. Finding a place that sells a vibrator worthy of Mistress K. is not happening so far.

      Thank you for following my blog and especially for your continued comments. Be well my friend.

  2. Deserved! There's nothing that displeases a Mistress more than selfishness in her least in my case!

    Mistress A.

    1. Completely agree Anonymous Mistress A. Sadly, in this particular, her displeasure is evident repeatedly during our vacation. I feel just terrible.

      As always, thank you for following and for commenting. I may have said in the past how much i enjoy your comments.


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