Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ruined again

Mistress finally felt the need to relieve some of the pressure that was building up in my balls.  We, to be more accurate, there wasn't pressure in my balls perse, but with the incredible amount of tease and denial and edging I had been through in the last 10 days or so, a small breeze could've made me cum.

Yesterday morning, while delivering Mistress her morning cup of coffee while she was laying bed, she removed the covers and exposed her nearly naked body and had me give her those all-over body kisses that she likes so.  At first I was fully clothed.  Then she had me stop and remove my shorts.  I asked if she wanted me to remove my t shirt and she said no, but told me to resume my worshipping.  In a few minutes, she had me stop and told me to lay across her lap.  I assume that she was either going to spank me or wanted to play with my bottom.  As I positioned myself, she told me "no, lay on your back across my lap". 

It was an awkward position which had my hips upward and my cock essentially in her face.  Was she going to suck my cock?  My thought was if she intended to edge me that this could be the time that I might very well cum without permission.  Mistress have aw2ay of knowing where the real edge is, even if I don't.  She put lube in her hand and started rubbing my cock.  I was already excited at being able to worship her so I was near the edge almost immediately.  I warned her I was about to cum and she  "shoooshed" and continued to rub my cock.  When it was apparent I was over the edge, but wasn't having an orgasm yet ... she stopped all stimulation and just allowed me to agonizingly empty my balls onto my belly and chest.  She expertly ruined my orgasm.

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I love this woman so much.  I can't wait to continuously be teased & denied, hoping for another ruined orgasm, that won't come.


  1. She is so good to you letting you have a ruined orgasm. I hope after she fed some to you. Re: your question to me I live in MN. and we also have a FLM but quiet different than yours. My plug is stainless steel and feels good when she puts it in me. What feels better is when she pegs me, I love the feeling of stretching and the full feeling. Prior to pegging I'm usually spanked until I'm good and sore. My Mistress loves to have me cum and sometimes 3-4 times in one day. She says she loves to see it squirting out my "cum hole". No matter where I cum she will feed some to me and if I cum in her I'm required to lick her clean. We don't have a cage for my cock yet but she is thinking of buying one.

    1. Thanks for stopping by archedone and thanks for a little insight into your FLM.

      I completely agree, I am so very lucky to have been allowed a ruined orgasm from my Mistress a couple of days ago. Although I still long for being able to enter Mistress while looking into her eyes, and keeping my eyes locked on hers while we both fuck our way to mutual orgasm (still is and will always be my most favorite way to orgasm), I absolutely do crave ruined orgasms. I think I crave them mostly because I know that I either will remain completely horny immediately following or the "recovery" period is very short. Mistress did not feed me any of my cum. It is not her thing. I've heard nice things about stainless steel plugs and that they are very similar to glass. I'll have to ask Mistress if we can get one and try it out.

      I am usually the one that inserts the plug when I am required to wear it. I go through a short routine of using my lubed finger first to loosen things up there and then will start to insert the plug. I like to do it standing up, then bending and arching my back, then standing again, while getting my rear hole to accept the intruder. While doing this, I'll fantasize about various ways Mistress can take me with her cock. When I reach the "fat" part of the plug, I'll linger there for a moment in order to really prepare myself for holding Mistress's plug.

      I prefer being pegged as well and when I am lucky enough to receive that, I like to have been wearing my plug for several hours before hand because it allows me to immediately feel comfortable with her cock inside and I can then accept her thrusts.

      Mistress usually only spanks me for punishments.

      There are time when Mistress will also require me to cum a certain number of time in a certain short period of time. It is a nice contrast from being hardly ever being allowed to cum. 3-4 times in one? Maybe I could.

      I think your Mistress would enjoy having a cock cage for you. I know you would enjoy it. When I wore my cage more and even when I wear it now, It puts me in a whole different kind of subspace. Give it a try. Your Mistress deserves it.

      Thanks again for commenting and following my blog.


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