Sunday, July 27, 2014

Treat for me

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Last night, i was laying bed waiting for Mistress to join me.  She got into, complaining that she was more tired than she wanted to be at the moment.  She uncharacteristically came over to my side of the bed, peeled back the covers to uncover my naked body, and slide in behind me.  She was wearing only panties.

The fact that i was nearly asleep and because she was complaining about being so tired caused to be believe that this was merely going to be a cuddle till we go to sleep session, and that Mistress was being slightly playfll by entering the bed on my side.

I was wrong.  Earlier in the day Mistress had promised me a treat later in the day for some incredibly small things that i had done to please.  They were so small in fact that I completely forgot about her "promise" and assumed she said it in jest.  With her spooning me, she told me to scoot over and roll over.  I scooted over to give her more room but since i was laying on my side, i asked for clarity as to how she wanted me to be be when she said roll over.  She said i want you on your back, then she said, wait, first i want you to lay on your stomach for a few minutes.  She proceeeded to rub my back and bare bottom softly and seductively.  I can't go five second with Mistress's hand on my naked bottom without getting aroused, especially when she is tender and intentional about why she is rubbing.  i cant even begin to tell how muc i love the glancing finger traces up and down crack, teasing me that they want and intend to probe further, yet don't.  Next pass with hand a little more perhaps and then next a little less.  Always keeping me guessing ... hoping.

After a 5 minutes of that Mistress said "roll over onto your back".  I rolled over onto my back revealing my hard cock.  Mistress was softly rubbing all over my body, everywhere BUT my cock and balls when all of a sudden she takes my cock into her hand and guides it to her mouth.  Every time i am able to look down and she my gorgeous Mistress lovingly taking my cock into my mouth, my heart just fills with honor, and joy and, well ... love.  I was lost in the joy of what i was watching and for some reason, i wasn't feeling like i needed to ward her that I was going to cum in 3.2 seconds.  It was beautiful.  Of course eventually the urge to cum was upon me and of course, like a dutifl submissive husband, i let Mistress know that i wa nearing the edge.  She just melted me in every way when she pulled her mouth off of my cock, still firmly holding it at the base and looked me in the eye and told that I would not be coming this night.  With that she immediately returned to my cock with her mouth.

Over the next 45 minutes or so, Mistress so very expertly brought me to (and here comes the important part) held me at the very edge of orgasm like she has never done before.  I was so lost in the pleasure her mouth, hands and body were giving me physically that i would've agreed to do absolutely anything at that moment.  The building urge to relase and to experience the pleasure of what i knew would be a fully body orgasm, was getting to something i didn't know if I was strong enough to avoid.  I was begging Mistress to allow me to have a release, a ruined orgasm, just something.  She smiled sweetly and politely declined, then immediately went back to concentrating on bringing me to the edge.

I had always wanted to be in an involuntary tease & denial session where i was repeatedly brought to the edge of release, and repeatedly denied the permission to release.  This was by far the most tease and denial session i have ever experienced and was comporable to the kind of T&D session i had in my fantasy.  I can tell you that if Mistress had commanded that i fuck the air and then ordered me to orgasm from it, i could've.

The picture above is what I was certain was my fate last night.  It has been so long wince i had a real orgasm (well over a month) and i was certain that Mistress was bringing me closer and closer to the edge, intending for me and expecting me to fail to withhold my orgasm, at which point I expected she would ruin my orgasm and then inform me that i was now entitle to a significant punishment for failure to control my orgasm urges.  Instead, while Mistress was lying alongside, stroking my cock and simultaneously squeezing my balls, and once again, whil i was right at the very edge of orgasm, she looked at me with her stunningly beautiful face and said "you know what lover?  This is all for tonight and stopped.  She left the bed to tend to something in the kitchen for about 15 minutes during which time i was able to come back down to earth and actually fell asleep.  When Mistress returned, she looked over at me laying there naked, in exactly the same position i was when she left the room.  She crawled into bed to tuck me in, kiss me goodnight, only to then discover that I was asleep.  She was very pleased, very impressed that my cock was still ROCK HARD even while i was dozing and as an added treat, edged me 2 other times before sending off to sleep for the night.

Sadly, i was not able to have a ruined orgasm as depicted in the picture above.  Mistress seems to be incresingly interested in preventing me for having any orgasm more and more as time goes on.  Don't get me wrong, i am not complaining about that, i am merely making an obsevation.  If that is what Mistress wants for me, than that is what i want as well.

Thank you Mistress for the most incredibly evening of treats i cold imagine.  I love you Mistress.


  1. Really exciting evening indeed!
    Hey sub hub, it is a month since you last orgasmed.....has ever happened to you the fact of waking up all of a sudden, in the middle of the night, with a difficult-to-bear hard-on?
    My slave experiences it when he is denied for a long period........
    If the answer was "yes"..... tell us what you do in that situation, ok? ;-)


    1. Hello again Mistress Angie, and thank you for stopping by to comment. You know I always love seeing and hearing from you.

      Yes, it happens quite frequently that I awake in the middle of the night with a hard-on. I don't know if I would call them "difficult-to-bear" and I'm entirely certain being denied orgasms over a period of time increases the frequency of then or not. For the most part, I wake every morning with a raging hard-on, always have. I don't know if it has anything to do with having erotic dreams or thoughts though.

      In a possibly semi-related note, I did, over the summer ask Mistress for permission to sleep occasionally with my butt plug inserted, while she was away with the kids for 10 days. I asked because I had heard that it causes erotic dreams and honestly, who doesn't like erotic dreams. I wore it to bed on two consecutive nights and I can tell you without a doubt that (for me at least) it did cause erotic dreams and the rock hard cock I had when I woke, was definitely because of the thoughts and sensation that were prompted by the insertion of the plug.

      When I do wake in the middle of the night, there is really nothing I can do but enjoy the feeling of having a rock hard penis at the moment. Usually I have an internal debate as to whether or not I should burden Mistress's sleep but spooning her and pressing my hard cock against her bottom. She mostly loves it when I cuddle her like, but sometimes he likes sleep better.

      Other than contemplate my situation, I really don't have any other options. I am not allowed to touch, stroke it or other wise manually enhance the pleasure of having an erection.

  2. Wow.. as always, I give you such applause and amazement on your strength!

    Mistress A had a very interesting question above there, and loved your response. It lead me though to wonder - in all the edging, have you ever woke up to your body having an orgasm while you were asleep - not having any control over what is happening by the time it's happening? What did they always call these.. wet dreams? I myself have orgasmed in my sleep - only a few times in my life, but usually when I was going crazy from lots of teasing or denial.

    1. Hi Amber, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Thanks so much the applause about my "strength". I'm not so sure it is so much strength as it is dedication to my commitment to Mistress K. The idea of allowing cummies to leave my body without authorization from my Mistress is something that I fear a great deal. For whatever reason, it is burned into my brain that doing so would be among the most egregious violations in the context of my FLM. I talked about in an a pervious post when Mistress allowed me a "free day" to have sex with myself in any fashion that I wanted, with only one condition .... that I orgasm and ejaculate fully. In that post I talk about the incredibly strange feling I had when I realized that I hadn't had an orgasm with ejaculation while not being witnessed and supervised by my Mistress in over two years. It was strange.

      Funny, I was thinking about your very question. Wet dreams and why I don't have them. Before my dedication and submission to my Mistress Wife, I masturbated a lot. There probably wasn't more 1 or 2 days that went by where I hadn't masturbated and allowed my cum to drain from my balls, and usually go down the drain in the shower. It seemed logical that I wouldn't have wet dreams because there was hardly ever a backup of semen inside my body. Now, I haven't had a real, balls-emptying orgasm in well over a month. Mistress did allow the incredible pleasure of a ruined orgasm about a week ago, but there was very little in the way of semen that was released. one would think that the lack of ejaculations, I would be a prime candidate for wet dreams, but I'm not.

      So, long story short (too late), I've never had a true orgasm while I was asleep, at one where I ejaculated. I have however, been awakened an incredible horniness and desire to have an orgasm. Oddly, I'd usually have those back when Mistress required me to wear a cock cage, and then again one time when I went to sleep wearing a butt plug.

  3. I so enjoyed this post :)

    What a lovely and long tease and denial. How lucky you were to also feel her mouth on you. I can imagine how desperate you were for her because I know how desperate I've made David with similar torment. To me that is a very special place to go to together, where you are mere putty in her hands, relying on her for your pleasure.

    You have been denied a while now :)

    Im sure the mood will strike me again sometime to deny David for a longer period of time. I've been rather generous lately. But his behavior doesn't seem to stem on how long he is denied. I rarely have to punish him so unless I specifically crave denying him I don't.

    I wonder how long she'll push you before you cum again :)

    Looking forward to finding out.

    1. Hi Mistress Marie. So nice to see you again and thank you so much for commenting.

      OMG yes The joy of having the very mouth of my Mistress on my cock for any reason is something that kind of even makes me emotional. I truly do feel that it is an honor for Mistress to allow that kind of intense pleasure from time to time.

      Yes, I have been denied for a pretty long while now. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining at all. I don't know if it was Mistresses intent or not but I have transformed into someone that crave NOT to have a full-on orgasm. I know it is not at all up to me but If my benevolent Mistress were to allow me a choice between a full-on orgasm or a ruined orgasm, I'd choose the ruined orgasm. I have come to crave intense desire hat I am immersed in when I am taken to the edge and then denied.

      I agree, if david's mood is not adversely affected by frequent orgasms in your opinion, than your recent generosity with allowing him to orgasm can be a good thing, I imagine as long as he does not expect to be able to orgasm as frequently. Then again, that is entirely up to you, isn't it?

      Mistress K. rarely uses orgasm denial as punishment. Usually, when she feels a punishment is warranted, my bottom is turned colors of red and purple following by a period of regret by me for my infraction.

      I wonder how long she will push me before I am allowed to cum as well. Like you Mistress Marie, I look forward to finding out as well.


      P.S. Did you ever get the email from Mistress K., replying to your original email welcoming her (and me) to the blogging world?


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