Friday, July 18, 2014

There (pointing to the floor)

I just returned from dropping off the kids at the daily activity while we are on vacation. It means that we have the house to ourselves for about an hour. Eagerly i pulled up in front of the small cabin we are renting in the mountains, threw it in park and rushed inside. Once the door closed behinf me, i kicked off my shoes and slid my gym shorts to the floor whille pulling my tshirt up over my head. I knew to become naked the second i was in the house. I found Mistress in the bathrooom, freshly showered and applying her makeup for the day so she was slightly leaning over the coubter. She was naked except for a pair of super sexy lace, thong panties. i wen't up bhind here, pressed my now hardening cock against her ass and tried to be playful with her. She said, we don't have much time before we have to go so ......... i interupted and said "well then can I cum inside you then?" "No you may not, but thank you for asking", was her reply. Will you edge me? will you ruin me? Can I masturbate to the edge??? Please , anything ............ "No, we barely have enough time for you to receive your spankings that are coming to you. My eyes widened. i wasn't expecting that at all. "THERE" She pointed to the floor at the foot of her sink in the bathroom. "Get on all fours there". As i got down on all fours, she went to the sink, ran some water and rubbed all over my ass. She obviously felt like we truly didn't have enough time and wanted the full benefit of a spanking to be realized sooner rather than later. She started spanking my wetted ass with her wet hand. In just a few minutes she told me to stand and get dresses. "Before you go, you may look at your ass in the mirror" Even though the spanking wasn't painful hardly, my ass was as red as it ever was after a spanking. After looking at my red ass in the mirror and the image of Her in her panties right next to me in the mirror, i couldn't help but ask if i could cum right then. Go get dressed was all she said.


  1. Ha ha, fun. I won't share it with my Mistress though--she might get the wrong idea.

    1. I know that there are times when a spanking starts, it just seems to sting a lot more that other times. I don't know why, but the water on my "about-to-be-spanked" bottom seemed to make it sting less. That doesnt seem logical, but she was spanking me pretty good and it just didn't seem to thurt that bad. weird.

      As alway, thanks for commenting Penney!


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