Saturday, July 19, 2014


On Thursday night, Mistress and i were getting ready to go out to dinner with some friends while we are on vacation in the mountains. I walked in to the bathroom to get in to the shower when i saw Mistress standing there in one of the poses that i love to see her in most ... naked with her arms above her head, drying her beautful red hair. To me it is the sexiest pose my Mistress can take. Maybe it's because when we would switch roles when we role-played D/s before our FLM, and when i was in the dominant role, my favorite bondage position was her standing, arms tied above her head. Anyway, she looked sooooo sexy standing there, looking at herself in front of the mirror, arms above her head working the hair dryer, wearing only her sexy, lace, thong panties, trying to get ready on time. I walked up behind her, removed all of my clothes, wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into my no w naked body, my hard cock pressing against her nearly naked bottom. I slowly (subconsciously) started to hump her and slide my cock up and down the crack of her bottom when she shut off the blow dryer, pulled away from me andturned to face me. I didn't know if she was frustrated, angry, being playfull or ..... ? Sidebar - I am always thankful that Mistress K. does not require me to ask permission to touch her. I know that there are a lot of submissive husbands that must ask permission to touch and some that must ask permission to even look. My Mistress enjoys it when feel the urge to hold, hug, rub, kiss, hump or just genereally touch her, naked or ootherwise. When she turned to face she had a smile on her beautiful face and she a comment about what a horny little dog i was. She told me to sit down naked, on the edge of the cold bathtub, and spread my legs. Mistress got her hands all soapy then started stroking my cock and rubbing my balls. What a treat it was to be told to sit, spread my legs just so Mistress could tease and edge me. At least i thought she was going to edge me. She did bring me to the edge on a few occasions (which only toook seconds because i was already so horny for her). After a few edgings, Mistress started again and when i was telling her is was at the edge again, she looke dme straight in the eye and forbid me from coming, yet she still kept stroking my cock and rubbing my balls. i was pleading with her to stop so i wouldn't have an accident, but she wasn't about to. Finally, she knew that had reached the point that was just barey beyond return and stopped stroking and stood up to watch my cock begin to slowly pump out its cummies. i was the epitome of the classic ruined orgasm (in my opinion). It was so frustratingly near a full on orgasm and although a bit of cummies did get pumped out, it was all of it. Mistress, stood, returned to the sink, was washing her hands and looking at me in the mirror wanting so badly for to "finish" me when she said .... "clean up your little mess and go get ready" Having my Mistress kneeling naked between my legs, hair and makeup perfect smelling more beaautiful than any woman ever, stroking my cock for what turned out to be a ruined orgasm will be a vision that will be etched in my mind's eye forever. Love her!


  1. Great post, you really are a lucky sub.


    1. Thanks Appy, i couldn't agree with you more. I am one lucky sub to be married to the sweetest, most beautiful, most tender, most unyielding dominant woman on the planet.

      I always appreciate your comments.

  2. All your posts are wonderful, I keep going back farther and farther to read more. lol.

    So, you were in the Dominant role for awhile? Was this a temporary thing, or how things started for you two? If, you don't mind me asking, that is. :)

    1. I was in the Dominant role when we would role play from time to time, but also we would switch. My marriage was not troubled. My wife and I love and loved each other very much and each of us was very open about our fantasies and things, and found it very comfortable to talk to each other about those fantasies without worrying about grossing the other one out, or having them run for the hills.

      One day my wife asked me what our life would be like after the kids were gone. Would I still crave her like I did when we were first together. Would we have enough in common to still naturally be drawn together, sexually and otherwise, after the chore of raising children was over. This got me thinking and worrying a little about that. I wanted to do whatever I could to prevent that from happening.

      After doing some research on what I knew to be a common enough issue, I started to come across well-written things about FLM/Wife dominated Marriages. Of course the was a sexual attraction to the kink that was associated with it. The kink is/was one of the things that my wife and I enjoyed as part of our sex play all along. But, the thing that stuck with me the most was the logic behind how offering my wife the gift of my total submission would automatically enhance the genuine desire I had for her as a woman, as a wife, as a lover, as a friend. I truly wanted for her to be able to look back over her life when it was over and be satisfied that she was truly loved (and adored, and worshipped, and lusted after, etc..)

      That adoration I knew had to be genuine and I had no problem knowing that it was how I felt about her. I thought long and hard about revealing to her that I desired to offer her my total submission, control of my sex, control of orgasms, my body, certainly my mouth, penis, bottom, fingers and every other part of my body that may be used to give or receive sexual pleasure. I had to be sure that I was doing this not to satisfy a kink craving of my own. Instead, I needed to be sure that that I could TRULY get my primary source of pleasure from giving her pleasure. The thing I didn't know is whether or not should could be the dominant type that could get actual pleasure from accepting my gift of submission. She could certainly choose to fake, but if her didn't get true pleasure from being the dominant one in our marriage, then it would all be a lie. Nothing is perfect, and we continue to grow in our Wife Led Marriage, but in the end she seems to get genuine pleasure accepting my gift of submission.

      There are so many nuances and dynamics involved in that growth, and frankly that would be a thesis paper, but hopefully you get the gist.

      Thanks again Amber for reading and commenting.

    2. So wonderful - thank you for sharing all of that! I love hearing how others came to be where and who they are in the lifestyle. It could be a thesis paper with us as well. lol As always, thank you for sharing with me. :)

      I am so behind in blogland after the last week of being mostly away. Playing catch up here - so expect lots of comments and new posts. lol.

    3. You have probably figured out by now that I love to talk about my life with my Mistress. Can't wait to see the results of your "catch-up" efforts.

  3. I would like you to tell us a bit about her face after ruining your orgasm....can you do that for us sub hub?

    Mistress A.

    1. Yes Anonymous Mistress A., I'd love to tell you about her face. Usually when Mistress K. ruins my orgasm, she doesn't it under the guise of it being a tease/denial, keep me on the edge session. She will let me believe that I am not allowed to orgasm and even though I am giving her sufficient warning that her continuing to stroke my cock will cause an unavoidable orgasm, she continues to stroke it. All the while telling me I had better not come. She expertly knows exactly when to stop all stimulation in order to avoid a pleasurable orgasm from taking place while still coaxing out some, if not all ejaculate. As such, Mistress's face is the epitome of stoic beauty and confidence. She looks upon me in such a way makes me feel somewhat ashamed for being allowed any orgasm (ruined or otherwise) and at the same time, utterly controlled and loved.

      Anonymous Mistress A....... in a recent post you had promised to reveal yourself and no longer comment as an "anonymous". Have you changed your mind? I would so love to know more about you so I can keep my Mistress informed.


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