Tuesday, July 15, 2014

She let me watch

We had an hour or so where the kids where occupied with activities that allowed us to be alone.  I dropped off the kids and walked back into the cabin and Mistress said "go downstairs and get naked".  Yes Mistress, was my response and i walked downstairs.  She quickly followed and removed her clothes.  She told me to go put "pinky" on.  In case you don't already know, pinky is a cock sleeve that makes me thicker, longer and basically allows me to fuck her without any feeling on my cock whatsoever. 

She climbed on the bed and summoned me between her legs.  "I want you inside me", she said.  I moved closer and eased the my thicker, longer cock inside her slowly.  Once She felt comfortable with how it felt inside her, She rolled over onto her tummy and told me to fuck her.  Since i was selfish and forgot to bring her vibrator, She had to use Her fingers to get herself off quickly (we don't have much time).  It wasn't 2 minutes before She was having a deep orgasm with me inside.  i have to admit though, even though pinky is thick (like 100 condoms thick), the urge to orgasm was upon me.  frankly, i can almost orgasm by watching my beloved Mistress have an orgasm and even with my cock securely encased in rubber, having it inside her while She has an orgasm was almost too much.  i asked for permission to have a ruined orgasm and She said "that won't be happening today".

When She was finished, i asked if i could slide myself inside her for one slow thrust in the missionary poisition because it is one of my favorite things to be looking into her eyes when i enter her.  She said "no, not today".

She shooed me awa so She could get ready and told me to do he same.

Maybe tomorrow.

Thank you Mistress K. for allowing me see your naked body, for allowing my cock to be inside you and for allowing me to witness your orgasm.  If the day was over now (it's 11:30am), my day would be complete. 

i just love Her.


  1. I also have a cock sleeve that I attach to my CB 6000. I purchased them together 6 years ago. My wife will tell me to put "her" cock into it and fuck her, but not too often as she doesn't get her orgasms from penetrative sex, only from my tongue and vibrators. And since she has gone thru menopause, she is dryer and thinner inside her vagina. I must keep it well lubed otherwise she feels discomfort and tells me to stop.

    I also could easily cum just from watching her,orgasm and from thrusting in and out of her. Even though I,do,not,feel anything. Like you said, feels like at least 100 condoms on. If she takes too long to orgasm when I,eat her, I will be punished the next day. She wants to,cum in under 3 minutes and then have 5 or 6 more mini orgasms. If I cannot do it, I will get a lot of corner time for the next week as well as an enormous amount of extra housework. She loves to punish me that way.

    1. When we first started our FLM, we purchased a CB6000. I wanted the cock-sleeve dildo attachment very much because i suspected (and hoped) at the time that Mistress K. would want frequent penetrative sex while requiring that i stayed locked up in my chastity cage. Now, going into our 3rd year of this lifestyle, she has only been using the CB6000 as a punishement device for me when she is especially unhappy with my, and in that state, it's not likely She will be willing to allow me to enter her, cock-sleeve or not.

      Mistress K. has not taken to punishing me for not bringing her to orgasm quickly enough, or intensely enough .... yet.

      As always my friend, thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  2. I would like to add that I,have not been in my wife's pussy without my sleeve for over 4 years now. And before that, I,was not,allowed to,cum inside her. I had to pull out,and shoot into,a,plastic cup,I,had,to,have next to me. I was not allowed to help my orgasm. Sometimes she pulled and rubbed "her" cock, but most times I,pulled out, put it into,the cup,quickly and basically had a ruined orgasm as I shot some cum into the cup.. My wife has told me often that a slave is not allowed to be inside his owner with a bare cock. Not allowed. And slaves get VERY few orgasms. I am going this whole year without any type of orgasm, even a ruined one. She has said she wants to see how good my behavior can keep,getting the hornier I get. Seven months now, I am so,horny, but,so,attentive. Just as she figured.

    1. Thanks for the "add" information ALL HERS. I always love to hear as much information as you are willing to share.

      There are times when my Mistress Wife simply wants to feel me inside of her pussy, skin on skin. In those time, it is usually after an intense orgasm she may have just had. i don't know why she wants me inside her, but when she does, i find myself asking her to either deny me from having an orgsm all together, or, as is sometimes the case when she requires me to have one, i ask her may it please be a ruined orgasm.

      This lifestyle seems to be having the effect of training my body to not want a full-on orgasm. You know, the kind that once a male has had it, all he wants to do is roll-over and sleep? yeah, that kind

      I think my mind would explode if i were to go a full year without any ejaculation or orgasm. I have well over a month several times and frankly, i ddont know how many orgasms i have had since january 1st, but im certain it's less than 10. Before i offered my submission to my wife, and before She accepted it, i probably would've had an orgasm about 100 times, mostly by masturbation in the shower. all the while, hardly ever desiring intimacy with my wife. Now, less than 10 and I can't stop thinking intimacy with her.


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