Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Questions for you. Kindly reply with an answer

In a previous post (the one right before this one), I posted a few pictures of sub men being pegged in various positions.  I used these particular pictures because I felt that each of them had their own apects that made them unique, yet similar, and all of them erotic and not "pornish" so much.  You may disagree about the lack of "pornish" qualities.  Each of them was an image that depicted the some of the following:
  • loving pegging between a male sub and his Domme
  • genuine arousal and desire from the sub male at being taken this way by his Mistress
  • a romantic, sensuous quality that seemed less "pornish" and more of a realistic portrayal of the desire and joy a sub male feels when being penetrated by his Mistress, unless of course the sub is being pegged harshly as a punishment.
  • a variety of positions that promoted sensuality and total, unquestioned, loving domination and genuine submissive desire
Then I posted a question (although I see now that I failed to include a question mark) that asked subs what their favorite position was when being taken anally by their Mistress.  One of my favorite followers/commenters (Anonymous Mistress A.) left a comment expressing her disappointment and not being asked what favorite position(s) she (and other Dommes) prefer to place their subs in when taking them with a strap on.  And she makes a very good point.

Apologies to Anonymous Mistress A. and to all the other Dommes that follow/read/comment on this blog for considering that you too may wish to weigh in.  So, here goes .....If you are a dominant, what is your favorite position to place your sub in when taking them anally?  and .....If you are a submissive male, what is your favorite position to be in when you are taken anally.

I eagerly await your input.  Thank you


  1. What about female subs?! Lol I'm just giving you a hard time!

    I like it when I'm on my stomach and my legs are closed...but I also like doggy style...and I like it when I'm on my back too...oh heck, I like it all. :)

    But something we haven't tried is me on top

    1. Ha ha! I actually thought about that but thought but felt that since many Dommes don't necessarily make the gender distinction for a submissive, I figured i'd try and keep as uncomplicated as I can. Besides, they're all just subs like me right? *smile - just kidding

      What a coincidence Misty, I like on my stomach with my legs closed too! There's just something extra submissive like with your ass up.

      Thanks for being the first to reply. Gee, I hope I get others.

  2. Hi sub hub!
    It is not necessary for you to apologize for was just that it was a bit weird leaving any comment on that post if it was addressed to subs mainly.......
    But, you've just written another great post in which now I can really contribute to it too, thank you! It is so kind! What a good boy! I love the way you run this blog!

    Now, the favourite way for Mistress A. to take her slave is with the position called "fusion" in which both of us are legs wide spread, bended and interlaced. We are sit down, facing each other and with very much eye-contact, something I love! (a pic would definitely help to have a clearer idea of this position....) Although I must admit pegging is one of my favourite practices so, any of them is so hot!
    I like very much the pics you selected for the previous post!

    Mistress A.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Anonymous Mistress A. It's just my way to apologize in a situation like this because I genuinely care about the comfort and happiness people that I interact with, both here in my regular, vanilla life. I promise that even though I apologized, I won't go into any deep depression about it. *smile

      I love your favorite position and will ask Mistress if it is something we can try in the future. In that position it seems that the sub could simply ease onto her cock while just scooting closer, while maintain that important eye contact.

      I so very much appreciate your comments Anonymous Mistress A. Thank you.

  3. I enjoy being on my back. For some reason, I can take more. I love looking at Mistress' eyes as she plows into my pussy. It is such an intense look. It also makes it easier to play with my boobs or her cock if I am permitted.

    1. Thanks so much for responding. Sorry for the delay in responding david, we were out of town for a few days. I too love looking into Mistress' eyes while on my back. Mostly because of how she makes me feel in that position, looking into my eyes but also because she can edge me a lot easier that way.

      Thanks again for reposnding.

  4. My Mistress almost always takes me bottom up face down. So I'd say this is certainly her favorite view, and who am I to complain. I'm just happy to be hers and taken as it pleases her.

    1. I'm with you Penny. I'll take it anyway I can get it.


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