Monday, July 14, 2014


Sorry for not being around. We are on vacation for another week, so participation will be sporadic here. That being said, the day before we left, Mistress was with her monthly visitor.  Mistress had previously said that any pegging activity would be limited to when she was on her period.

She summoned home from the office.  Her words were "be clean, be empty and be willing". Long story short (I'll tell more later), she had me put on pink lace panties.  "Get me my strap on".  When I returned, she got up up, pointed to the bed, told me to lie on my back and after her cock was securely in place, she said "pull your panties aside".  She settled in between my legs, placed the head of her cock against my opening, put her eyes on mine proceeded to expertly make me hers while she fucked me.  Her eyes didn't leave mine, which made me feel like her tender lover girl, while she also made me feel like her willing ass slave.

I love this woman.


  1. "willing ass slave", exactly that is what pegging is all about! Love her indeed.....she had u in the exact point where all Mistresses want their slaves to be when pegged!
    Mistress A.

    P.S. enjoy your vacations! I'm doing so! ;-)

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment once again Anonymous Mistress A. I absolutely love your comments. Mistress K and you seem to be kindered spirits.

      Thank you agaain.


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