Friday, July 25, 2014

Can I please fuck you?

I came home from the office yesterday to find Mistress all alone in the house.  It was miserable hot yesterday (117) and when I walked in and was bathed in the AC, all I could was let out a "mmm".  When I got to the kitchen, there she was.  The woman of my affection.  The Mistress of my domain, My Keyholder, the owner of cock and the one that controls my orgasms.  I am still thrilled to first put my eyes on her even though we may have only been apart for a few hours.

After the usual the greetings and salutations, I asked where the kids where.  She said that she was just about to leave to go get.  "So we are alone????", I asked.  "yes, we are alone", she said.  Of course, right there in the kitchen I began to remove my clothes when Mistress said she had to leave that minute.  I got pouty and begged for a little something.  Anything.  I asked Mistress if I could fuck her before she left (only half jokingly).  "Uh, no", was her response.  I unzipped my pants to show her, to remind her that I was still wearing the balls harness

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

she instructed me to wear (as if the idea of removing it without permission even occurred to me).  She looked at me a little amused, a little annoyed and summoned me over to wear she was standing next to the sink.  "Masturbate to the edge for me before I go" she said.  Quick like a bunny I fully unfastened my trousers and let them fall to the floor.  I was ready.  I like to wait until our eyes are locked together before I begin to masturbate for her.  When she looked in my eyes, I began to stroke.  I know she could sense the utter pleasure I had with complying with her command to masturbate for her. 

On this occasion, as I reached the edge of orgasm, I stopped moving my hand link I always do, only this time there was some pre cum that apparently needed to cum out.  I tried my best to keep it from coming because my first thought was it was going to be an unauthorized ejaculation (God help me).  Failing at keeping it from coming out, I quickly realized it was precum and was not the unauthorized cummies.

For a moment there, there was shock on both of our faces when it was thought that I very well may have just cum without permission for the first time.  Fear of what might happen was the first thing that I thought of.  Confusion and disappointment seemed to be what was on Mistresses' mind, but that is only supposition on my part.  I quickly informed that it was not cum but rather it was precum.  I showed her that the liquid that had gathered in three spot on the floor was water clear and not milky like semen.

She looked at me for just a moment and then seemingly agreed that I had in fact only lost a small amount of precum and I did NOT actually violate one of the most basic rules of our life together.  "clean your mess.  I have to go" ..... and out the door she went.


  1. Whoops, seems like an ejaculation to me. Three spots on the floor seems like three contractions in your cock.

    1. I promise AH, there was no pulsating. It was clearly (pun intended) precum! Honestly, before being kept in a chaste state by Mistress, I never had precum before. The three spots on the floor were 3 different drops of precum.

      Thanks as always AH, for reading my blog and for commenting.

  2. I can imagine that instant.. oh no moment that must have went through your mind! And the relief at it being pre cum. You strong strong guy you. *Still amazed* lol.


    1. TONS of relief Amber! Aside from a broken heart as having disappointed Mistress for having stolen an orgasm from her, I know that a significant punishment would be in store for me.

      I appreciate your amazement, but I'm just a dutiful submissive husband in love with my Wife. ;-) That being said, I'm only human and I know someday I will likely fail her and actually orgasm without her permission. I find comfort now in knowing that then she will forgive after meting out corrective behavior.

      Thanks as always for your support and comments!


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