Thursday, July 24, 2014

30 days of submission posts

Hi everyone.  One of things I have noticed since becoming a "blogger" is the trends that often get started and some of those that actually get traction and spread.  Liebster award (who is Liebster anyway?) is one that suckered me in recently.  It reminds of those posts you get on Facebook that say something like if you Love your child, your if you love Jesus, you'll repost whatever is being promoted on your timeline, as if somehow the only true way to determine whether one love Jesus, or your own children is to do what this friend (and I use that term loosely) on Facebook tells you.  For me, it's kind of the modern day version of the chain letter I suppose. 

A recent version of this was the Spanking A-Z thing where the blogger was expected to attach a word to each letter of the alphabet and then expound on what that word meant to them.  The current one of these is the 30 Day Submission Challenge.  I don't know where it originated or who decided what questions would be asked but I will admit that there are some intriguing questions in there, some of which I intended to answer.  In looking over the list of questions, many of them don't appeal to me because for me, they are overly general in nature and many of the questions don't necessarily apply to me or overly generalize position of a particular type of submissive.  For any of my friends that may be participating in this challenge, please don't take offense because certainly none is intended.  I can see how it would be fun for others, it's just not my cup of tea.  In fact, for a few of you, I genuinely look forward to each day's question and answer posting.

Some of the questions seems to assume that submissive are the same.  i.e. that all submissive act in a submissive fashion in all aspects of their lives.  I am a submissive husband n a loving Female Led Marriage ..... there is no question about that and I absolutely love it.  Does that mean I am submissive to anyone else other than my Mistress wife?  Hell no.  As a matter of fact, in all other aspects of my life, I am quite the dominant one.  The only exception to this would be if Mistress K. were to instruct me to behave in a submissive manner to another person.  That has not happened.  I will tend to seize control of and tend to dominate any scenario that I find myself that doesn't include interaction with my Mistress Wife.  Please don't confuse that comment with me saying that I am sort of asshole, because I'm not.  Quite the contrary ..... my natural instincts to control circumstances around appeal to my natural desire to help people.  That being said, I never to be allowed to "take the lead" in a private situation when I am alone with my Mistress.   I find an enormous amount of comfort in immediately transitioning into submissive husband mode the very second Mistress and I are alone. 

Please don't be unhappy with me if I tend to cherry pick the questions I prefer to have asked of me.  *smile

Here is "cherry-picked" question (chosen in no particular order) from the list that is going around:

Day 13: Is sexual availability, being available to your partner any time he or she wants, part of your submission? Why or why not? Are there limits to this?

Most certainly.  As a matter of fact, it is one of the cornerstones of our relationship in that I  genuinely get sexual pleasure from providing Mistress K. with sexual pleasure.  According the established rules that Mistress and I agree, I am to perform in any sexual manner that I am directed to my Mistress, at any time, without questioning her and without any expectations for how it will end up for me. 

Yes, of course there are limits.  What exactly each and every one of those limits are have not yet been realized or tested.  We have the usual set of limits that most other reasonable people have ....... no kids, animals, blood, scat, urine, severe pain for the sake of pain, anything illegal, anything that would cause or allow others in our community to know about the most intimate aspects of our lifestyle.  If either one of us were to approach a limit that hadn't been discussed between us, the other would have no problem stopping the action.  That has not happened yet.  I imagine that is the case because even though we are growing into this lifestyle more and more as time goes on, neither of us seems to have a need to "ramp things up" in order to maintain enthusiasm. 


  1. The limits set are quite fair and reasonable. We have included golden showers in our life, but not a steady diet and only when we are both healthy (no sickness at all). Your mouth can handle small amounts of clean urine. You must be careful.

    1. I've heard that in the past dualpurpose, but, for me at least, the idea of consuming or wallowing in human waste (yes, even including the so-called sterile urine) is just too gross for me. No offense to those that enjoy it.

      Thank you as always for commenting!


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