Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tap on the shoulder

Our family vacation has been awesome. Relaxing in the mountains of Arizona. Perfect weather, the kids are having a blast and my Mistress had been happy, beautiful and awesome. Last night, it was late, almost 11pm. She was in the bathroom getting ready for bed and thekids were playing on their xBox. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to find Mistress standing there in her regular nightgown (which i think she is incredibly gorgeous in) giving me the "come here" finger and disappeared into the bedroom Before our FLM began, i would've asked he what she wanted. Now, of course i know better than to ask her "why" about anything. i assumed that i was about to be given a spanking ... but for what i wondered. All my previous infractions had been settled and mistress and i had just returned from a lovely dinner with friends where we had a ball. When we got home from dinner, she even kissed me softly and said "thank you or a lovely evening". Why was i about to be punished, i wondered. I got up from the chair and quickly cleaned up around me. i went into the bedroom and Mistress was lying on her back with her nightie pulled up past her waist, legs spread wide, revealing the sexiest, prettiest pussy on any woman ever. I stood there and stared for a minute. Then she said "come here". I was wearing a light jacket and quickly took it off before trying to climb on the bed. "Take your pants off" she said. I took off my pants and underwear and climbed on the bed and crawled between her legs. Often i am overwhelmed with lust, appreciation and utter joy in that moment before i am about to be allowed to pleasure her pussy with my mouth. This was one of those times. I licked her pussy lovingly, tenderly and with purpose for several minutes, then she said "enter me with your fingers while you do that" i slide one finger then another into her then continued to savor and pleasure her pussy. She was nearing orgasm and she told me to put my cock inside her so she could orgasm with me inside her. It didn't take long for the urgent need to orgasm was upon me. She told me to stop and "get pinky" (the pet name we have for our cock sleeve). Quickly i got pinky, some lube and a towel and returned to find her feverishly rubbing her clit, keeping herself at the edge of orgasm. I lubed my cock and put pinky in place and it was then that noticed the towel. "You won't be needing that tonight lover", she said, which of course meant that i was not going to be ejaculating this night. Undaunted, i got in between her legs and slowly pushed my now sleeve covered cock inside of her while she continued to rub her clitoris. She told me to not fuck her slowly, instead she wanted me to fuck her fast. Even though i was wearing the cock sleeve (that feels like i am wearing 100 condoms), i very easily could've orgasmed right there at the sight that was before me. I've said it before ... i'm certain i could orgasm merely by watching my beloved Mistress wife have an orgasm. For some reason however, i was able to fight off any urge to come and was able to give her the long, hard, fast fucking she wanted without having to stop in order to either ask permission to cum, or prevent myself from cumming. She had a glorious orgasm and of course i did not. This morning, when i was dutifully delivering her morning coffee, i enthusiastically thanked her for summoning me for her sexual use. She didn't wonder or care what i was doing or if i was willing. She didn't have to. Even now, as i write this, i am basking in the afterglow of my love and devotion for her. I am hoping that Mistress will be wanting similiar treatment tonight, our last night of vacation. I can only hope. As an aside ... yesterday during the day, Mistress sent me a naked selfie of her before she got into the shower. I thought it was stunning and of course told her so. Since the picture did not reveal her face, i (only a little) jokingly asked her if i cold post it here, on my blog. I told if I was allowed to tha i would be bragging. *smile She said she would think about it and as of now, is thinking about it. We'll see what she decides.


  1. Hello! New follower here and am enjoying your blog. Sounds like a wonderful vacation and an amazing night. I giggled at the name pinky, for I have a toy name that! :)

    1. Hello Amber, and welcome to our blog. Thank you also for takig the time to not just follow but also to comment. I really, really appreciate. in the end, i hope you enjoy this blog and at the same time, i'll encourage you to participate in it with your comments as often as you feel comfortable.

      Is there a blog of your own that perhaps we could follow too?

      Thanks again and welcome aboard.


    2. Hello jay, and you are very welcome. I will definitely be around reading and commenting. :) Thank you!

      Yes, I do have a blog, most filled with the same sort of things, my submission and so on. You can find it here... :)


    3. Amber, went to your blog and enthusiastically signed on as a member. Can't wait to follow you more and comment often. Thanks for the support.

    4. I saw that, and loved your comments.. thank you! :) So glad I found your blog! :) I'm hooked already,haha. :) xx


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