Saturday, August 2, 2014

Put it away

Recently, when I wore my butt plug for the entire day (it was wonderful), I removed it right before dinner that night.  The process of removal and hygiene takes time if one is to do it right and frankly, when it comes to all things anal, doing it right is the ONLY option.

So after removal and properly cleaning the plug and the bottom that was holding it all day, I set it somewhere ....

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

I told Mistress K that I placed it there because I wanted to get to my dinner before it got cold.  She told me to be sure that I put it away properly so snooping children wouldn't find it.

Mistress texted me the next morning with the picture above, and it said "48 hours", which those of you that follow this blog know, means a punishment will ensue within 48 hours, and that it is my obligation to make certain that happens.

This is what happened!

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Like the last time Mistress gave me a punishment spanking, she also edged me by stroking my cock while administering the swats with her leather paddle.  I am curious as to why she does that, but mine is not to question why.  Perhaps, like I have suggested before, she is training me to be able to induce an orgasm merely by paddling me?  Who knows?

From a vanity standpoint, I don't like this picture and how my ass looks in it.  Mistress had me press my body flat against the wall for this picture and this is how it makes my ass looks.  Vain huh?  I know, it is, but .... ah never mind.


  1. I had to laugh I'm sorry for that too. One must never forget where we leave stuff. I once left the cuff and collar by my bed no biggie so we thought months later our 22 year old said hey don't leave your kinky crap around my brother (our youngest was looking for change shouldn't of been doing that) saw them and told all our kids that their dad shackles their mom at night. I was embarassed but man that was funny and I've never seen change missing from our room since that day. Kids !

    1. Holy sit, that's hilarious! Don't be sorry for laughing because it's funny. Eventually we'll probably have to deal with snooping eyes too and deal with the embarrassment like you did.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Cleaning toys after use is a must, as is putting them where they belong, which you didn't do. I'm sure you understand you deserved the spanking, and yes maybe she is training you to climax when spanked or maybe she just likes you erect when spanked. I've seen many pictures of men's spanked bottom over the years and I don't see what you are complaining about there is nothing wrong with the way your bottom looks, but it should be redder. How would you like to have her take a picture in the position R puts me in? On knees and elbows, legs spread bottom pushed out and up and everything on display.

    1. Thanks archedone for stopping by and commenting.

      I absolutely do understand that I deserved to be punished for leaving the toy out. I did clean it right away, I just failed to return it to where it belongs.

      Having a erection when being punished is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. Obviously the idea of being naked before my wife to accept a spanking is very erotic, and as such, the mere thought of it causes an erection. I have been reading a lot lately about the difference between a true punishment spanking and an erotic spanking. Some have suggested that a true punishment spanking doesn't really begin until the moment the spankee wants it to stop. Moreover, an erection is the last thing a punished submissive would have when it was over. It's scary to think about but makes sense ... if it were to be a true punishment spanking.

      It was actually much redder than it looked, but with that said, you are probably right ... it should've been redder and it should've been stinging more.

      I would enjoy having her take my picture in the position you describe very much, if it were something she wanted to do.

      Thanks again for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Just getting a chance to catch up on your blog. I have left so many things hanging around unintentionally. I've gotten pretty good at completely making up something. My 10 year old went into my purse the other day and came across a bright blue vibrator. I told her it was a tampon holder and she was like "Oh...OK". LOL!

    1. Ha! The ability to think quickly on your feet is an important one, isn't it?

      Thanks little girl, for stopping by and commenting.

    2. Worst thing I ever did was leave a butt plug out. It wasn't even just laying around in the open, it was on a shelf in the garage, where the kids are highly unlikely to poke around. But my wife did, and found it. She was so mad that I would leave something like that out.
      She knows that I really enjoy being spanked, so that was not my punishment. No, I got total lack of any physical attention other than a very cold shoulder for a week. That and the threat that she would not continue to indulge me in my femdom fantasies if I ever did that again.

    3. Hi MRBILL. Long time, no see. Welcome back and thank you so much for stopping by.

      Holy shit. One time Mistress K. threatened the very same thing. The prospect of that actually happening was too much and I begged her and begged her to tell that such a thing was never going to be possible, no matter how pissed she might get. Please don't threaten the nuclear option!

      Mistress K. knows I enjoy being spanked too, but only up to a point and beyond that point, it is no longer enjoyable. It is painful and a deterrent to future bad behavior.

      How in the world did your butt plug end up on a shelf in the garage exactly? *grin


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