Sunday, August 10, 2014

She Made be do it

Mistress made me have a full-on orgasm.  It had been at least 6 weeks since I had an orgasm.  This of course does not take into account the 3 ruined orgasms I had during that time. 

It was Friday evening about 8pm.  Mistress had just returned from having drinks with some friends.  Almost at that same moment, one of her besties (who wasn't out with them) came by to pick up our children to accompany her and her children for a treat (ice cream I think).  We said goodbye to her friends and told all the kids to have a good time and then Mistress went off to go to the bathroom.  I returned to the coach to watch the baseball game. 

About five minutes later I heard "come here pet" coming from the bedroom.  I sprang up from my previously reclined position, remembered that we were sudden alone and stripped naked before going in to the bedroom to see Mistress.  When I arrived she was wearing only her panties and was laying on the bed.   "Go put pinky on, and hurry", she said.  Pinky, for those of you that don't know, is a pink, translucent cock sleeve that I sometimes wear in order to fuck Mistress thoroughly without cumming.

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I rushed into the closet and sprayed my cock with desensitizing spray and slipped pinky over my rock hard cock using the still wet spray as the lube necessary to get it on.  I told Mistress that I wanted to wash the spray of the rubber cock so it didn't numb her pussy too. 

I returned to the bed and I fucked here good!  It was awesome.  I don't know how many orgasm she was able to have but I only stopped fucking her when she said she couldn't take anymore.  It has happened more that I would still have the uncontrollable urge to orgasm even though I was wearing pinky.  NOT THIS TIME.   I was so happy to be able Mistress K. the thorough fucking that she wanted right then.

I last fucked her to orgasm doggy style when she told me to stop.  I pulled out and watched her slowly lower her body down to the bed until she was resting comfortable on her tummy.  I love to see her like this.  I was about to ask her if I could get anything for her when she said "take off pinky and come put your cock inside of me".

I did as I was told and although I was still able to last a good bit before the urge to cum was about to overwhelm me, the need to cum was upon me.  I told Mistress that I was about to cum, hoping and fully expecting for Mistress to tell me I wasn't going to be cumming this night.  Instead she said, you will not cum until I cum again and started rubbing her clit.  She started to cum again and I knew I was about to be told to experience a full orgasm.  My instinct now is beg to NOT orgasm, and so I was begging Mistress to not let me orgasm fully and if I was going to be required to ejaculate for her, to please make it a ruined orgasm.  She would have none of it and forced me to have a full orgasm by demanding I not stop fucking her until I have cum.

Holy shit that orgasm was incredible!!!!!  Unbelievable in fact.   In the afterglow of our lovemaking, I mentioned to Mistress K. how ironic it was that the begging that takes place in bed is for me to not be allowed to cum.  It seems like the training I have been receiving has been paying off in that regard. 

Of course the reason I beg not to cum is because I don't want to be in the "orgasm hangover" state afterward.  I enjoy being denied and in a constant state of desire.  That being said, I can tell you that the "recovery" period in the last 3 full orgasms (only in the last 5 months) has been a day or so, rather than the normal few days it would've taken before we started our FLM. 

One of the things I remember us doing early in our FLM adventure was forced orgasms.  One Friday afternoon, Mistress informed me that I was going to be required to have 5 orgasms (ruined or otherwise) before we went to bed on Sunday night or I would be severely punished.  It was difficult.  On Sunday, mid-morning, I stall had only had 2 orgasms.  I was able to complete my task but it was tough as shit.  I wonder how i'd do now. 

Hmmm, interesting


  1. Really should not have read this. It was so hot. All I want now is Master granting me to cum. Sigh. One day.

    1. One Day HS, one day!!!!

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I have never had the experience of not being allowed to cum, but I can imagine if a person is not allowed or ruined climax that when allowed to cum it would be a very hard and wonderful climax. As you found out. I'm sure your Mistress felt a very hard stream shooting in her and enjoyed it.

    1. Hi archedone and thanks for commenting. I'm not sure if it was the strength of my "stream", but I do believe she absolutely enjoyed leading to and through a very hard, very wonderful orgasm. Leading up to having it, and never knowing whether or not I will be denied, or if it will be a ruined orgasm or a real one, is an incredible sensation.

  3. I also struggle with wanting the pleasure of coming, but not wanting to because I really want to maintain my level of arousal and lust for my wife. She has seen the benefit of my come denial now and recently told me that I can't come and she doesn't know when she will let me. She actually really enjoys bringing me to the edge and having the satisfaction of making me lose control despite my efforts to not come.

    1. I know what you mean MRBILL. Mistress K. also enjoys purposely making me cum in defiance of her orders not to. Mistress K. will usually use this method in order to inflict a ruined orgasm on me. She will also use it as an occasion to punish me for ejaculating without permission, in defiance of her orders. She's a clever Mistress don't you think?


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