Monday, August 25, 2014

Sub Space

There are logical times when a submissive "marinates" in subspace.  Then there are times when it isn't so obvious.  This morning was one such time.

I was standing in the shower, having just completed putting a fresh smoothness on my cock, ball and ass with a razor and shaving cream.  I always feel genuinely more sexual, more horny, even slutty at this very moment.  I found myself growing unusually excited about being able to present myself naked to Mistress K. in order to inform her i was about to get dressed.  I do this everyday, so no big deal right? But today I couldn't wait. 

I didn't exactly know why I was unusually eager this morning .... and then it hit me.  I, having been freshly shaved smooth (including my face) and being naked before her awaiting her attire instructions, I was found myself deep in subspace.  At that moment and since i have felt so incredibly grateful that this beautiful woman would not only accept me as her husband, but also accept my submission and the ownership of my sex.

I love you Mistress K.


  1. I understand what you are saying and have been there myself. I too am shaved and keep myself smooth. Having to shave the balls, bottom and pubic area makes a male submissive understand why it can take a woman so long in the shower. There is an art to shaving. Unlike you I don't have to present myself to my wife after. Our rules are when in the house I'm to be in panties only or nude for her viewing enjoyment.

    1. Like you, our rules are that I am to be naked, without being told to, while her presence at all times, unless circumstances prevent that (kids, visitors) from happening.

      The act of shaving is one of my most favorite things I am required to do. It is a recurring act that is required, even if it is during a period of time when there is not attention or activity. I am required to be smoothly shaved at all times and as such I am subject to inspection.

      Thanks for commenting anonymous archedone.

  2. I keep forgetting to ask what you use/do for a clean shave. I know you talked about the hard water on your vacation tearing up your man-bits, but your normal care, what works for you?? I am in need of some girly advice Jay, put your panties on and start talking =)
    XOXO Pearl

    1. That's what I'm here for my dear, sharing my girly advice with my sisters. *smile

      We have soft water at home, which in and of itself makes for a smooth shave on my tender parts, as well as well shaved face. When I shave the parts Mistress wants smooth, I always do it in the shower, unless I am instructed to do it in the bath for Mistress to supervise. Point it, it is a warm, wet, steamy environment.

      After I am all done with general washing, I apply pre-shave oil from a store called The Art of Shaving all over my man bits, bottom and anus. It's wonderful. I then get back under the warm water for a few minutes because I want the oil to warm against my body and because it just feels good to stand in hot water. Because it is oil, it doesn't wash away.

      I will then step out of the water, wipe the water that runs down my chest and tummy away (so it doesn't run down onto and remove the shaving cream). I apply regular Barbisol shave cream all over my recently oiled bits. The razor I use is a Gillette "Venus and Olay" razor and blade system that designed for women to shave their naughty bits. Quite appropriate, huh Pearl? *smile.

      It's not perfect but it let's me get smooth as a baby's bottom!

      Thanks for stopping by Pearl. Always good to see you.

    2. I will be doing a quick Google search for The Art of Shaving =) I have a general routine but nothing that I would boast about. Thank you so much...and my Man thanks you in advance I am sure!!

      You are my go-to for some good girl time! Your Mistress K has you trained well =)

    3. Pearl, as Mistress K. would tell you if she was here now, make sure he rinses often. I know that because when she is watching me shave, that's what she tells me.

      As far as the pre-shave oil goes, I've heard that olive oil works just as well, but I've only heard that.

  3. I love you too my pet...I find myself daydreaming of your sub-space some days. Bringing you to me on your knees....gently guiding your lips to my belly with the soft touch of my hand...looking deep into your eyes and I see into your sole and all of the devotion that you have to me and then I realize the delish feeling of my dominate space...

  4. Jay's Mistress K,
    Your words to your pet are BEAUTIFUL!
    XOXO Pearl


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