Saturday, August 23, 2014

I didn't mean to cum

Sorry everyone.  I've been negligent in posting and replying this week.  it's just been one of the weeks in the vanilla part of life.  I won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say it's kept me away from blog land.

On Tuesday morning, right after I wrote my previous post "punished", I got into the shower the minute Mistress returned from taking the kids to school.  Before getting in, she let me stand before her, kiss her neck and rub my nakedness up and down on her.  I got rock hard in 2.3 seconds!  I was kind of in a hurry so I kissed her and rushed into the shower.  While I was in the shower, Mistress suddenly appeared.  Our shower is big, has three shower-heads and is one of those walk-in showers.  It could hold four people at once without a problem.   On those occasion when does appear, she will sometimes just watch me shower, or shave my cock, balls and ass, or sometimes she will stand and watch while I bring myself to the edge repeatedly for her viewing enjoyment.  other times, like today, she has a handful of lube and like to call me over, stand at attention and stroke my cock, teasing me to the edge and then denying me.  This is what she did that morning. 

It was awesome.  She was stroking my cock, edging me, stopping, then edging me again.  While stroking she told me to squat, without letting go of my cock.  She never did that before and while lowering myself, my balls became very exposed.  She was still stroking my cock and with her free hand, she cupped my balls so tenderly.  In a nano-second I was about to cum and told her and she immediately let go .... but it was to late.  I was having a ruined orgasm.  A small amount of semen dribbled and on to the shower floor.

She looked at me with disappointed then angry eyes.  I had just ejaculated without permission.  I had just had an orgasm, albeit it a ruined orgasm, without her permission.  I was mortified.  I didn't know what to do.  She then grabbed my cock again, starting stroking it some more and immediately induced two more ruined orgasms.

She stopped, silently stood and said she was not very happy with me for what I had just done.  I begged with her to understand that the combination of being stroked by her while squatting low to the floor, and then her soft, beautiful surprisingly cupping my balls was just something I couldn't control.  I begged her to understand.  She stood there above, me still squatting, semen pooled on the shower floor below my throbbing cock and balls.  She told me to stand and although she seemed to have tempered her anger/disappointment some, she did inform that was going to punished for what just happened.  She said it didn't matter that she didn't stop quick enough, it was up to me to be sure that I never steal an orgasm, ruined or otherwise from her again, and that allowing myself to ejaculate without her permission would not be tolerated.  She told me to clean the mess on the floor and walked off.

After my shower, I shaved and finished getting ready for work.  I went to her naked, as I do every morning, to inform her that I was ready to get dressed.  She was seated at the computer doing some work and she immediately stood up and led me into the closet.  On the way she informed that she was going to administer my spanking right then.  Holy shit I thought.  Mistress has been especially harsh with spankings lately and I thought I was going to be in for it this coming.  I mean after all, stealing an orgasm and ejaculating without permission is a serious offense in our marriage.  She had me get on my hands and knees and immediately began to punish me with her pink leather paddle.  It hurt on my freshly bathed, naked bottom.  I was absolutely certain this as going to be the time Mistress really laid into me with her paddle.  She gave several swats and then 5 or really hard ones and then abruptly stopped, walked over to me, told me she was done and had me hug her while kneeling naked and red-assed before her, for aftercare.

Maybe she had sympathy for me because I hardly ever ejaculate while being teased and denied or edged.  Maybe she knew is was running late for an appointment (I actually was), or maybe it was something else but Mistress was surprisingly lenient.  She handed me a pair of panties that she had selected and told me to get dressed for work.  She put her paddle away in her drawer and left the closet.  Before I could get dressed, I had to get a hand towel to dry myself off with.  It was warm in there.  As walked out the door, I apologized profusely for my infractions and thank her for being lenient in my punishment.  She just looked at me, then kissed me goodbye.


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