Tuesday, August 12, 2014

i didn't forget this morning

Yesterday morning (Monday), as she usually does, Mistress took our children to school.  I was working at the computer and was mostly engrossed in what i was doing when each of them came over to kiss me goodbye for the day.  I cherish that moment i have with each of my children when saying goodbye, even if it is for a only a few hours.  I stopped what i was doing so i could give each of them my full attention when saying the i love you's and goodbyes before they left for their day.  After they left, i returned to my work and found myself fully engrossed in short order.  So much so in fact that when Mistress returned home, she realized immediately that i had failed to perform one of the basic functions of our FLM, which requires me to be naked in her presence when we are alone, unless otherwise instructed by her.  She walked briskly past the chair i was sitting in and without stopping or looking at me said "follow me" and then disappeared into the bedroom.  That got my attention.  I thought i was either going to get to have sex with her, or she was going to edge me, or other tease and deny me, or something really cool like that.  It took me several seconds to finish what i was doing enough to leave my workstation and met her in the bedroom and when i walked in, there she was, pink paddle in hand, pointing to the arm of the stuffed chair indicating that i had better lay over it and offer my ass for a punishment.  

I actually did not know why she was about to punish me.  I thought we had "settled up" on all scores.  Her response to my not knowing why i was about to be punished "wrong answer.  Want to try that again?"  Still i didn't know what i was about to be punished for.  She told me to get out of my clothes and get over the arm of the chair and that moment it occurred to me why.  I failed to be naked in her presence.  One of the most basic rules in our FLM.  I was genuinely sorry that i wasn't naked when she came into the house.  Her only logical response was "well obviously it was important enough for you to remember.  I'm going to help you remember".  She helped me remember and reddened my ass!  This morning, exact same scenario, only this time, i was eager to so show her my nakedness the second she walked in the door. 

I had an 8:30 to be at and told her so.  She had me come to her in the kitchen and kneel before her.  She proceeded to tell me that today i would be wearing my butt plug.  In addition, i was to begin to beg here right there and then to think about me during the day.  Then i was instructed to tell in what ways i had hoped she would think about me during the day.  I hoped she would think about me masturbating for her ... me performing sex acts on her that would culminate in wonderful orgasms for her ... me performing sex acts on myself for her viewing amusement ... her using her strap-on on me and otherwise using me like a nasty little slut.  (notice how i didn't ask her to think about ways to punish me)  After telling her those things, she instructed me to stand and before sending me to take a shower, she said that touching my penis in any fashion other than to clean it in the shower or to urinate was prohibited today.  I mentioned to her that i had always thought that was the rule anyway and she simply said "shut-up, don't talk back to me and come over here and kiss me on the neck".  I did all of those things and while kissing her on the neck, pressed my rock hard cock against her yoga pants-covered ass and she scolded me for already not understanding the "no touching of the penis rule".

I went into the shower, clean my entire body (was very carefully to minimally touch my cock while washing it), inserted my pink, glass butt plug.  Got dressed, kissed Mistress goodbye and left for the office.

How did your day start??


  1. I cannot say my day started like that...sure wish it did though:)

    1. I wish you day started like that too little girl!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate ir.

  2. So wish my day started like that. Nope, mine started with me not able to get out of bed on time.

    I love reading your dynamic.

    A glass plug. Hmm. How long do you normally wear in the day? I'm having issues finding one that gets along with my ass for an extended amount of time.

    "Shut up!" There is something about hearing those words from Master that gets my juices flowing.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words His slut. I normally wear the glass plug for 12 hours or so. When required/allowed to wear it, I usually install it around 7am and wear it through the day. By 7pm or so, my body begins to start telling me it's time for it to come out with subtle signs. At that point I ask Mistress if I may remove it and she mostly allows me to at that point.

      A glass plug is the best, although I've herd nice things about steel too.

      Thanks again for stopping by and commenting.

  3. One must not forget the rules or be ready to present a bare bottom to remind them of the rules. Being naked for her as much as you can is a wonderful way to show submission to her as she has access to "her" toys at any time. I hope you enjoyed your plug in you while at work. It's a great reminder of who is in charge. I haven't had my anal beads in all day for a while, I hope I'm allowed soon.

    1. You are absolutely correct archedone. As a matter of fact, I am naked as I write this, waiting for Mistress to return from taking the kids to school again this morning.

      I totally loved wearing my plug yesterday. It is my favorite thing to wear among the things Mistress chooses to require me to wear under my clothes.

      Thank you for coming by again and commenting!

  4. It does suck to be punished, I am sure (I wouldn't know from experience). But count yourself lucky that she cares enough to do it. Great post.

    1. Being punished only sucks for those few minutes when you wish she was finished but you know she isn't. I do count my blessings everyday that she loves me enough to not only accept my submission, but to want to lead our marriage to a better place at all times. I'm a luck boy!!!

      Thank you for commenting Brooke. I really do appreciate it.


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