Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Spanked today

As many of you may already know, if i have done something that Mistress decides is an infraction, a 48 hour clock begins ticking the minute She says "48 hours".  That very thing happened yesterday (Monday) morning at 9:54 am when i left the house with dirty dishes in the sink.

In a previous post i talked about the myriad of feelings that go through my head when i am in this very situation of being made aware that i had an infraction and that the 48 hour clock began ticking.  The primary and sometime overwhelming feeling is of regret for having disappointed Mistress K.  i truly feel bad when i know that she has feels i have a punishable offense.  Another strong feeling is one of apprehension because i know it will hurt.  i have also talked in previous posts about wishing how Mistress K would test my limits further when administering a spanking to me and although i am certain that more intensity is necessary in my training and in order to correct my behavior, i know it will hurt even more than before. 

One of my followers MRBILL made a comment to yesterday's post and included a mention that he craved being dominated by his Mistress and wished she would spank him more (regularly).  Like most submissive husbands, i share that sentiment because i feel that without regular spankings, i will always be in a cycle of behaving in a way that will make Mistress proud (right after a spanking) to slowly behaving in a way that will increasingly disappoint Mistress. 

Lastly, when i am in the process of being spanked and if Mistress hasn't made me orgasm and ejaculate immediately beforehand (she'll do this only when there has been a serious infraction), my cock is rock hard even when the sting of the paddle is at it's very worst.  i used to wonder why that was because even though the whole idea of being naked before my Mistress for the purpose of being corrected by spanking is of course very erotic, but it's still intended to hurt and when it is a punishment spanking there is never the prospect of sex to follow.  Then i figured it out ... throughout my relationship with Mistress, starting when She was my girlfriend, then as my Wife, then as my Wife Mistress, i would get "love boners".  a love boner is a hard-on that i would while thinking about how much i love my Wife.  How much i ache for Her when i am not with Her and how beautiful She is.  When i get a love boner, it has nothing to do with sex and has only to do with the emotional joy i am feeling by the love that i have for Her.  Love boner is the explanation for my erection when i am receiving corrective pain or punishment from Mistress.

This is in my near future

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