Friday, June 27, 2014

What will it be today?

As i do every morning, i presented myself naked to Mistress to inquire about what i would be wearing under my clothes today.  At that moment Mistress K. was frustrated by O/our little shithead dog because all he wanted to do was sniff around the ground outside and play, while all She wanted him to do was poop.  In that frustration, Mistress was not necessarily able to focus on what my attire would be for the day and then just blurted "it's a free day for you to choose what you want to wear". 

Hmmm, now what?

my mind immediately to go through my options and of course i immediately went to all of the things that i enjoy wearing the most.  Was it going to be the Velcro balls-separator that comfortably hold my balls so deliciously out in front of my legs when i sit and walk, that cause me to constantly be reminded of who owns them? 

Was it going to be another one of my favorites, our new glass butt plug that feels like it was made for me, which constantly fills me and reminds me of who owns the cavity that holds it? 

Would i go with cock ring with balls splitter?

Decisions, decisions.  i went with panties!  Why panties?  i didn't know exactly except that when the thought crossed my mind, my knee-jerk reaction was one of submission in that panties always make me feel like Mistress's little slut girl.  Also because i concluded that the decision was "edgy" because it was the first time on my own that i made a decision to wear panties.  i don't have a desire to be feminized with a wig, eye lashes, lipstick and the like, but i do admit that i enjoy the feeling i get when Mistress will have me dress like a slut.  i still have fond memories of when Mistress put a corset on me, which only served to rev up those 'dirty-girl' thoughts.  In fact, panties are a very key component of one of my favorite fantasy sex photos where a strap-on wearing Mistress has her black thong wearing submissive laying on his tummy on a foot stool, while she is adorned with a lovely strap on, and his black thong panties are pulled to the side for the sole purpose of making his bottom accessible to his Mistress.
My first instinct was to wear the glass butt plug because the last time wore it, it was a pleasurable delight even after it being inserted for 13 hours straight.  If you've never worn a butt plug, it helps when your colon is clear and your tummy is at rest and not churning, even a little.  This particular morning, i wasn't convinced that my tummy was restful enough to be able to last the whole day.  After concluding that, the thought did cross my mind to give it a go though because, let's be honest half the fun of wearing a plug is the process of inserting it.  After a minute of contemplation, i realized that it would merely be an opportunistic and dishonest way for me to justify satisfying the desire to penetrate my own ass, under the guise of considering it.  Mistress probably never even would've know because She was off that f*ucking dog of ours trying to him to poop.  Still, i couldn't do it because it would've been akin to lying to Her.
So, here i am, in my panties, relishing the feeling of the lace that holds them up and the material that splits my ass cheeks and rests right up again my tiny rear hole.  I feel like such and ass whore!  Thank you Mistress.  I love you.

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