Sunday, June 22, 2014

Come here

The past 2 weeks since Mistress returned from Her trip have been awfully hectic for a variety of reasons i won't get into (cuz they'll bore you).  All is well it's just that there hasn't been much time or opportunity to for intimate time together for U/us.

This morning i woke before Her and was making coffee.  She called me into the bedroom, flung the sheets off of Her body and said "come here".  I went over to Her and started kissing on her body thinking She was just warm under the sheets.  She wasn't.  She wanted to cum!  She told me to get inside Her.  Did i hear that right?  Yes, get inside her.

i was rock hard in an instant and climbed on the bed when She said "be rough with me".  I pulled Her panties down as if She was my willing little slut, waiting there for me take my pleasure from Her.  I slide my cock inside Her and starting fucking Her, but it only took a few strokes before i wanted to cum.  i begrudgingly told Her i was close and She said "no coming".  I ground into her forcefully but in a way that not make me cum right away but the feeling was building and i told her again.  She said again "no cumming".  i rested for a moment while She relished my cock being inside Her and then tried again to be the forceful lover that was just going to take her and fuck Her.  She was on Her tummy with Her left leg pulled up to her chest.  i leaned forward and with my hand pressed Her face into the pillow to hold her there while i fucked Her.  She loves it when i do that.  As i was approaching orgasm again She said "pull my hair".  Holy fuck, i can't hold off having an orgasm with the most gorgeous woman in my world telling me to take Her like a slut.  i finally had to tell Her that i wasn't going to be able to hold off my orgasm if She wanted me to continue fucking Her this way.  Had i known earlier, i would've sprayed my cock with desensitizer and put the cock sleeve my numbed cock so i could fuck Her the way She wanted to be fucked right then.  One of the downsides of orgasm denial is when i finally get to be inside Her, or She strokes my cock, or She makes me masturbate for Her, i can't last long before cumming.

In any event, She was well on her way to orgasm but wanted her fave vibrator (actual picture below)

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

i gave it to her and continued to fuck Her while struggling not to cum.  She came hard while i alternated pulling Her hair and pressing Her face into the pillow.  When She was through, She said thank you and i was excused.

God I love her!

Postscript note:  i do love it when She wants it to be rough.  i love seeing be a wanton slut, begging to be fucked and used, albeit for a short period of time.  i know the unmitigated joy of surrender and release and know that She occasionally likes to feel that way too.  It now has me wishing for a day where She wishes to be the sub and have me dominate her.   Wishful thinking?  Perhaps.  A boy can dream


  1. My wife and I have always enjoyed some kinky sex including spanking and bondage with both of us on the receiving end, switches I suppose you would call it. She has enjoyed being taken roughly, hair pulled and spanked.

    Since I discovered male chastity, orgasm control and female led marriage I have brought about a change in our sex life. While she appreciates my attention to her I know that she does miss some aspects of our previous sex life including my ability to fuck her long and hard without immediately being on the brink of orgasm due to my long term denial. We had a short talk about our relationship over the weekend and she said that if she is going to have this type of relationship it has to be her way. I think she has decided that denying my orgasm for many weeks and even months is too long and she will keep me denied when she wants me to do work for her, but let me come more frequently.

    I crave being dominated by her, wish she would spank me on a regular basis. Sometimes I think I should just take charge and be the dominant one and spank her, but she would not enjoy it like I do. I suppose I will be happy with what she does, which is not often, but great when she does.

    1. Thanks for commenting MRBILL. Like you, the onset of male chastity, orgasm denial, corporal punishments and a female led marriage has changed my sex life. Also like, my Mistress Wife so very appreciates the devoted attention and genuine desire that i constantly have for her. She has never said anything that would indicate that She is immensely disappointed that i get to the edge of orgasm so quickly after weeks of tease and denial and orgasm control. i think (hope) that is because She understands that there is a trade-off in that regard. Thankfully W/we have discovered somewhat of best-of-both worlds fix for that problem. The cock sleeve and desensitizer spray. The combination of those 2 things allows me to be able to fuck her long and hard (to the point where She decides when it will end) without cumming. The sleeve makes my cock feel longer and wider and gives Her the ability to feel like she has been fucked but good, with the added bonus of allowing Her the option of keeping me chaste and denied an orgasm. As a happy submissive i can tell that there is hardly anything that we do together that i enjoy more than seeing being fucked good and hard, all the while not knowing if i will be allowed to orgasm. i think it is important that She be able to experience that without there being any discussion about cuckholding or any crazy shit like that.

      I too crave being dominated by Her and wish she would punish me on a regular basis as well. As it would happen, i will be punished within the next 36 for leaving dirty dishes in the sink this morning. i always am both excited and very nervous knowing that She will be paddling my ass for something i did (or in this case failed to do) as a corrective measure in order to minimize future transgressions.

      As an aside .... Mistress and i had a discussion a few months ago about whether or not She might have an occasion to experience the unmitigated joy of sexual submission and surrender for period of time that would be determined by her. W/we devised a plan that if she ever felt that She wanted to enjoy total abandon as a temporary submissive that She would attach a hair clip to the drawer that i keep my underwear and panties in. There would be no discussion, or planning or prep. Without being told, it would just be something that i would be expected to do and i would be expected to know just how hard or soft it should. Anything less than just the right combination of softness and firmness in what would by my temporary dominant role, would in and of itself be an infraction. In other words, if i did not satisfy Her craving to be submission in just the right way .... punishment for me. As of today, i have yet to see that hairclip attached to my panty drawer.

      Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. Are you in my brain? I totally could have written this exact post - everything from the "wanting to occasionally take My Lady like a horny little slut" to "only being able to trust a couple of times before being close to losing it" are things I have experienced, too! ML and I are considering the desensitizing spray so I can hold off longer, but it's not necessary at the moment, since I won't be out of my cage at all for the next month or so.

    My Lady does enjoy being "taken" every taste once in a while, just not as completely as I do. She's always the one with the real control - she pretty much orders me to dominate her.... topping from the bottom as it were, but for her, it's allowed :) It's been a little while since we've done a power exchange, but reading your post has perked up my interest for one... :)

    1. Thanks monkeyinacage. i don't know how you do it, staying in that cage for so long and staying sane. Give the desensitizing spray a try, i think you'll like. There are several available but we like the Stud 100 brand. Seems to work the best, and if you use it with a cock sleeve your Mistress can feel like a total for even longer.

      But, in your state of cagedness, perhaps a strap-on is in order. Whatever it takes to get Mistress the pleasure she deserves right?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Love your blog!

    2. Thanks for the product recommendation! My Lady and I will definitely try it out. Cock sleeves don't work for us too well - not only is it tough for me to find a good fit, but ML also doesn't particularly enjoy the artificial feel of rubber or plastic toys.

      I already use a strap on with ML, more frequently now since we found a realistic-feeling dildo that she enjoys. Why should My Lady be denied PIV just because I'm being denied as well? :)

      - cagedmonkey

    3. Monkeyinacage ... She shouldn't be denied PIV ..... or anything else you could otherwise provide her. *smile


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