Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Suggested Long Distance Instruction

One of my favorite regular commenters, Hannah Jay, made a comment on a recent post called "Free Day" where she explained how she enjoyed having her husband plunge his cock and balls into a bucket of ice water.  She described it as "fun" for her husband.

Well, Mistress must've been able to set aside some reading time while on the road because here is the text i received from Her last night;    

Tonight you are to chill your balls in a bowl of ice water 4 times. Each for 15 seconds with 30 second rests in between. At the end you are to masturbate to full erection and on the edge of ejaculation. Then dip your balls 1 last time for 15 seconds. Do not touch your cock after that for the rest of the night. =
I have never done that before and was a little apprehensive because, well, shit it was ice water and i was supposed to submerge my balls in it.  As i was preparing the bowl with ice and water, my cock got rock hard and i know it was because i was about to do something that i normally would not at all like to do, but doing it for my Mistress gave me immense erotic pleasure.

i placed the bowl on a short stool and lowered my trembling balls into the icy exactly as instructed above and then went on to complete the task as instructed.

How did it go?  IT WAS COLD!  It wasn't painful but it was cold.  During the last plunge into the icy water, i left my balls submerged for 30 seconds instead of only 15 because i wanted to see if i could do.  Of course i was able to do it but just barely.  i later texted Mistress and asked if this was an activity that She now liked and her reply was an ominous "maybe".  We'll see.

Well Hannah Jay, as promised, if it happened i was going to tell you about it, so here you go, consider yourself told.  Mistress seemed to enjoy your suggestion very much. 


  1. While this doesn't sound pleasant, I am happy for you that your wife has stepped into this new lifestyle for you and seems to be doing her level best to give you what you want/need. You are a lucky guy.

    1. Thank you Brooke for commenting and for being a recent follower to my blog.

      I agree, the isolated singular act of submerging one's balls into ice water would not sound pleasant to any logical reasonable person outside the context of a Wife Led Marriage. Mistress has a sometimes latent sadistic streak and will occasionally get great pleasure seeing me squirm in discomfort and (temporary) pain. That being, the idea that i was instructed to perform an unpleasant task for no other reason than the pleasure it gives my Mistress by having me do it is incredibly erotic. It helps to underscore her dominance and my submission in the relationship. i am hopeful that Mistress will continue to find pleasure in pushing the boundaries with things like this.

      As far as getting what i need/want .... yes She does give me what i need/want which is accepting my gift of submission to Her. W/we have been in this lifestyle now for two years. I have posted in a previous blog entry, i have involuntarily, naturally and honestly transitioned ALL of my sexual thoughts, desires and fantasies to include Her. i didn't make or force myself to do that, it's what happened.

      Yes Brooke, i am indeed a very, very lucky guy.

      Thank you again for commenting and being a recent follower. I sincerely hope you enjoy my blog into the future.

  2. That is certainly a novel method of self torment. I have had a few times that I was very aroused and erect while showering with my wife and she has gotten out and told me I need a cold shower to calm me down. I turned the water to fully cold and sprayed it on my balls and erect cock. I got out of the shower with a cold, hard cock.

    So your final dipping of 30 seconds was not too much, perhaps your Mistress woul like to try this treatment first hand as she makes you chill your balls for her entertainment for as long as she deems necessary to make your erection disappear.

    1. That's hilarious MRBILL. "I got out of the shower with a cold, hard cock". I was the same way. I was left cold shriveled balls and a warm (very) hard cock.

  3. Lucky you...

    Part of being a submissive male is having a wonderful woman pay attention to your training and discipline. Immersion is an excellent way for a man to have his cock entirely controlled while still being able to stroke and, indeed, if he is allowed to, ejaculate.

    I trust you will be appropriately grateful to your wife upon her return.

    1. Yes Miss Hannah, i most certainly will be appropriately grateful when she returns. We have this little bowl that works perfectly for doing what she had me do. It's almost as if it was made specifically for me to immerse my balls into it. Mistress made a slight variation in what you have your husband do in that she only had me immerse my balls, and i think you have your husband immerse his cock AND balls together.

      In any event, Mistress has told me to keep the "bowl" at the ready. I guess you've turn her on to something she will enjoy having me do now.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.


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