Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wear the cage

i have to wear the cage today because Mistress caught me smoking.  i feel terrible and regret has set in.  Not because i got caught, and not because my punishment will now include at least having to wear this blasted thing, but because i let Mistress down.  :-(

It's been a while since i wore this thing under my clothes to work.

i am sorry Mistress!


  1. Sorry, but my sissy butt would also be spanked very, very red.

    1. mine was spanked too. Mistress woke up from a deep sleep (She instructed me to wake her after my cage was on). She lumbered out of bed still half-asleep, walked over, got Her paddle and pointed to the counter where She wanted me to place my hands. She paddled briefly and then went back to bed. i suspect i have more coming.


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