Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mistress wanted something

Mistress K. wanted something from me before I left for the office.   She called me into Her bedroom, had me lock the door (kids were sleeping in the other room) rolled on to her tummy and had me worship Her body with the soft kisses that She enjoys all over Her body.  Straddling Her, i involuntarily started humping her ass through her nightie and the kisses stopped.  She said "stop humping me and concentrate on what you are here for".  Shit, that felt so good to be straddling her ass and grinding on it through the material.  Nonetheless, i stopped with what was pleasing me and resumed doing what was pleasing Her. 

Then She told me to stand by the bed and masturbate for Her.  While standing upright and erect (pun intended) i started to stroke my cock for Her visual amusement.  i asked Her how much She enjoyed watching me stroke my cock and She said it always made Her hot, even before our time in our FLM.  i asked Her if there is any added excitement for Her knowing that Her husband was more than willing to stop whatever he was doing in order to stand (or lay, or kneel) before her and Masturbate.  Her response was to tell me to stop, leave all the lube on my swollen, rock hard, red-tipped cock and go into the bathroom and wash only the hand i was using to stroke myself with. 

When i returned, She remove the covers, turned on to Her back, pulled Her little nightie up, pulled Her panties to the side and had me join Her on the bed.  She said something like "I want you inside me".  I didn't need to be asked twice and moved between Her legs and slowly pushed my desperate, eager cock inside Her.  She moaned in delight and did one of my favorite things She does to me and that is put Her hands on my ass, gently spread my cheeks and pull me into Her.  As you can imagine, it didn't take long before the urge to come caused the dutiful submissive in me to let Mistress know that i was near an orgasm.  She was writhing and moaning and whispered "you will not cum".  Then She ordered me to get her vibrator and return. 

*** picture removed to comply with Blogger's new rules ***

Once i returned to between Her legs with the vibrator, i turned it on and handed it to Her.  She placed the vibrating end against Her clit, closed Her eyes in delight, rolled Her back and told me to re-enter Her pussy.  She said to slowly slide it in all the way and once it was as deep as it was going to go, to stop and not moved while She made love to the toy.  She had an incredible orgasm right there before, which for those of you that read my blog, should know by now that there is hardly anything else in the world i enjoy than being allowed to witness my beloved Mistress having an orgasm.

When She was done, She ordered me into the shower and then go off to work.  Before unlocking my eyes from Her beautiful eyes, i thanked her.  i thanked her for  1.  allowing me the joy of being allowed to worship Her body ... 2.   Allowing me to edge myself by standing next to the bed and masturbate for Her.....  3. for allowing me the amazing luxury of being allowed to penetrate Her beautiful pussy with my cock up to the edge, and 4.  for allowing me to witness one of my favorite things in this world .... being able to witness Her have an incredible orgasm.

She is a wonderful Mistress and love Her so much.  After my punishment this morning, i thought i would be just going off to work feeling good about being absolved (for now) for my infractions.  Instead, Mistress allowed to experience those magnificent events described above and as an added bonus, told me to wear the balls-separating harness under my clothes for work.

i am a very, very lucky man.


  1. Always such love in your posts. YOU are a lucky man!!!!
    Terrific post!
    XOXO Pearl

    1. Thank you so much Pearl. I try to reflect the love in my heart. I always appreciate your comments

  2. You are a very, very lucky man...imagine be allowed the privilege of entering her. But even better, she was careful not to let you come - and you deserve full marks for telling her when you were close. I hope she keeps you chaste and on edge for a few days just so you can enjoy the longing you can do nothing about.

    1. Thank you Hannah. I didn't have to imagine it. She allowed me to live it. There is nothing better than having her on her back, below me, me being right at the entrance, locking my eyes on hers and slowly entering her. Love it more than anything.

  3. I like your posts very much. I admire you for being able not to cum when you have penetrated your Mistress. Before I got impotent I always came within seconds.


    1. Thanks appy. I guess I wanted not to cum more than I wanted my ass turned purple and red. In our entire time together in our WLM, I have never once gone over the edge except for once and it was when she was just about to tell me to cum anyway. Since she has just had a glorious orgasm and was full of love, she let me off easy with a finger wagging.

      I ask her occasionally what would happen to me if I did just cum without her permission. She always answers the same way ... "let' hope you don't have to find out"


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