Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Before she left

Before Mistress left on her little roadie with the kids, Mistress tended to some unfinished business.  Earlier in the morning She had me put on a small towel-like wrap around my waist and had me accompany Her to let the dogs out.  When W/we came back into the house, She pulled me into our large closet so that She could administer what She called a "mini punishment" for failing to have Her coffee ready for Her yesterday when She woke up.  She had me put my hands on the island in the closet and had my pull up my towel "skirt" up around my waist.  While She was administering my spanking, she was stroking my cock and edging me.  Each time i told Her i was about to come, She came down kind of hard on my ass.  She did that several times before finishing, i suppose so that i would associate the urge to come with a sting on my ass.  Then She put the paddle away, had me stand, pulled facing Her and pushed my shoulders down indicating i was to kneel before Her so She could administer aftercare.  Aftercare is a really special moment for me.

After the tender aftercare, i asked Mistress if i was allowed to be my own ass whore while She was away, like the last time i was home alone.  She said that i probably shouldn't have asked, but that She would consider it. I also asked Her if i could cum before She left.  She said no. Then i asked if i could have a ruined orgasm, and She said no. When pulling out of the driveway, She instructed me to wear panties today under my clothes.

i am really going to miss Her!


  1. Wow! She is leaving you with something to remember her by! Very nice punishment and some firm female leadership. Looking forward to hear if you are allowed to be an ass whore. Sounds fun!

  2. Hi MRBILL. Thank you for reading my blog and commenting. Yes, She did leave me with something to remember but it had the effect of me wanting more. Being brought to the edge of orgasm as She was walking toward the car idling in the driveway left me aching.

    The last time i was home alone for a few days, Mistress allowed me free time to play with myself in any way i wanted. of course i did so without being allowed to cum. Not even a ruined orgasm. i have referred to that time as being my own ass-whore because that's exactly what i was. over the course of 3 days and 2 nights i repeatedly, well ............ you get the idea.


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