Sunday, June 29, 2014


i woke up a little pouty this morning and the reason is silly.  I didn't rousted from my sleep in the middle and used forcefully as Mistress's human sex toy.  It doesn't matter that the only expectation of such a thing happening was all in my mind, does it?

i came home last night around 10pm from outdoor physical activities with my son.  When i got home, Mistress and my other son where down at the neighbors swimming (son) and drinking wine with the ladies on the street.  Mistress had just returned from a lovely night out with Her friends at a local chain (but still very upscale) restaurant.  She was having fun.  The kids were all having fun and my buddies (the husband of the ladies on the street) had already left for the bar.

So there i was with choices.  Do i swim with kids?  Sometimes fun, but nah.  Do i sit with the ladies and participate on the "hens clucking" (as we joke about here in the neighborhood)?  Now this has some possibilities because Mistress is already loose from the drinks She had throughout the night, and since She had just returned from being out at a nice restaurant, She was looking FINE!  I chose no to that too because i would've been the only one in the room that hadn't had a drink, i was dead tired and sweaty stinky from being on the baseball field all night.  Instead, i would kiss my Mistress and then all the ladies goodnight to walk down the street, take a shower and get into my comfy bed. 

In the shower, i shaved my cock, balls and ass as good as they have ever been shaved before.  i don't know about y'all, but it can't hardly get 5 seconds into shaving my cock, balls and hole before i get hard and horny.  Since it was a pretty thorough shave job, i was pretty horned up when it came time to rinse and dry.  I was rubbing the aftercare lotion all over the shaved parts and was convinced that Mistress would appreciate the meticulous shave job as much as i was right then.

Nonetheless, i got into bed and my mind began to conjure up a scene (one of my favorites) where i'm sleeping in deep REM sleep, and Mistress will wake and immediately expect my full attention to her pending, urgent need to orgasm. 

When my eyes opened, and i saw that it was light outside, i couldn't help be disappointed.  i know, i know, my disappointment was self induced and all on me, but still ..................

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