Friday, June 13, 2014

Not Yet

Mistress has been home for a couple of days now and until last night, and only for a few brief seconds, She hasn't touched me.  She's rubbed my ass, cock and balls through my clothes.  She's patted my bottom playfully and has shown a lot of affection ... but hasn't touched my skin much. 
i crave Her touch and She knows that i do.  She knows that for me, having Her hand on my skin, especially those naughty, sexy parts of my skin can almost induce an orgasm in and of itself.

Last night i was in bed, almost asleep when She plopped into the bed, assuring that i would be awake.  She immediately started to seductively rub my bod all over and eventually got to my cock and starting stroking my cock.  It was heaven.  i just lay there while She roams my body with Her.  It is one of my all time favorite fantasies,  laying there, especially bound, while i am mercilessly teased and at the edge of orgasm for hours.  But i digress .......  Mistress was enjoying herself by reacquainting herself with my body.

Mistress asked .... "What do you have to do in the morning?"  i told her i had a conference all at 9am.  She said ...... "you will wake me up no later than 8am and no earlier that 7:30 am, because i want your cock inside me".   Holy shit!   I asked Her if i was going to be allowed or required to cum, and She said NO!!!!  She then proceeded to seductively rub almost every inch of body but my cock and my ass.  She would act like she was going for my cock, but would purposely avoid it.  She would lightly run a finger over the crack of my ass as if She was going to dive in.  i'd arch my back and offer it to Her like a wanton ass slut, but She would not indulge me.  i eventually came right out and asked her to touch me.  No, i begged Her to touch me.  i begged her to fuck me.  i begged her to allow me to enter Her pussy for 2 tiny thrust while i went to sleep frustrated and dreaming of Her.  None of that happened.

She said .... "I want you to go to sleep hard", and then she turned over and went to sleep.  I went to sleep hard.  Right now, it is 6:30 am and i have gone to the side of Her bed and looked at Her, knowing that in an hour or so, i will be able to be inside Her.  Unless of course She changes Her mind.

I love this woman so, so much!

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