Monday, June 2, 2014

Making Love

On Friday night past, Mistress and i had made plans for Mistress to get fucked really well that night.  The plan was for us to get some of O/our chores completed, get the kids to bed early because they had to wake up early the next morning, and then W/we could spend some time alone.  i had no expectation of being allowed cum.  Mistress had to me to shower and an hour or so before the planned event, then i was to apply the Stud 100 desensitizing spray to her cock and allow that hour to really make it numb.  Also, that i would be using the cock sleeve on Her that night. This would really allow me to last long so She could have the good hard fucking she wanted. 

The night was kind of getting away from U/us because the kids weren't cooperating and shit in general was just going wrong.  i had showered as planned and applied the spray to my cock and then slipped on some loose fitting shorts to allow the spray to do it's thing.  Meanwhile, Mistress was becoming more and more frustrated with shit going wrong around Her.  Finally, when walking past me, She looked at me and said something to the effect that there would be no sex tonight because she was frustrated (in general, not with me) and losing interest, and then left the room to go into the bathroom.

i went to Her and told Her (in as cute a way as possible) that i understood and that if She did not want to get fucked really, really well, of course W/we didn't have too.  That seemed to lighten her mood a bit but not much.

The kids were finally in bed and She went in to take a shower.  When Mistress is frustrated, i know well enough to let Her have Her space.  That said, i poked my head into the shower and asked Her if She wanted me to be prepared to pleasure Her when She emerged from the shower, or if i should simply go about my business and give Her space.  She opted for the space.  Undaunted, i went about my business and began to close down the house for the night.  When i was done, i again poked my head into the bathroom to let Mistress know i would be in bed, waiting for Her, not knowing what, if anything would happen.

The room was dark except for the light of the TV.  When She walked out of the bathroom to the kitchen, She was naked and She never looked more beautiful and sexy as she disappeared from the bedroom. When She came back in the bedroom and came toward the bed, She was even sexier than She was 3 minutes before.  She climbed into and immediately began to nuzzle into my chest  and wrapped her arms around me.  She immediately felt my rock hard cock and whispered that She was pleased with that.  i had idea that sex was to come because Her hands roamed my back and then my ass and She did one of my absolute favorite things ......... She spread my ass cheeks with both hands.  It made my hard cock harder. 

She whispered "give me those kisses i like" and rolled over onto her tummy.  Regular readers of this blog will know that there is hardly anything i enjoy more than giving her entire body soft licks, kisses and bite on Her naked body.  After about 10 minutes of that, She rolled over onto her back and told me to resume my kisses.  After a few minutes of that, She asked me .... "are you hard for me lover?"  I sat up on my knees so that She could see my rock hard cock pointing to the ceiling.  Then She made it abundantly clear that She wanted my mouth on Her pussy by spreading Her legs.  i moved right and savored having the honor of putting my mouth on her pussy.  i'm sure someone has actually had an orgasm while licking his Mistress's pussy before, but i was actually close.  It is that much of an honor for me.

After Mistress had a nice orgasm while on her back, She told me She wanted my cock inside of Her for another orgasm.  i asked her is She wanted me to get the cock sleeve and She said No .... "fuck me now".  Even though my cock had been fully numbed by the Stud 100, it wasn't long before i felt an orgasm building in me.  i informed Mistress that i was about to come and She didn't say a word.  then i asked her if She intended for me to cum this night, and She didn't say a word.  Then i asked Her if i could have Her permission to cum and She said YES!!!!!!!! holy shit!  Yes?  i totally wasn't expecting that.  She said that i had better hold out until She had Hers and then i was allowed to cum inside of Her.  It was mere second later that Her orgasm began and i immediately began to orgasm while cumming deliciously inside of Her.   OMG!  It was a very strange orgasm because of the numbing spray but i didn't care.  Being able to have my mouth on Her body, then on Her pussy, then ......... being able to witness 2 orgasms ........... was glorious! 

i didn't asked if she intended on allowing me to cum that night and She didn't offer.  We feel asleep and slept like a couple of rocks.

I love this Woman so much!


  1. "sleeping like a rock....."

    That's when you KNOW it was terrific!!!!

    And, re: 9 days fun at all.....I hope you stay out of trouble! Maybe earn a 'good boy' spanking =)

    1. Thanks Pearl. I didn't earn a good boy spanking but I did earn a "mini" punishment spanking for failing to have Mistress's coffee for her when she woke up. I hate it when I do that. I was in the bathroom and I didn't know she was awake. Not an excuse, it's just what happened but it doesn't matter why she didn't her coffee, and I completely understood that.


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