Thursday, May 8, 2014

I remember now

While daydreaming and wallowing in subspace today, my consciousness soon became aware of the fact that a significant, long overdue punishment spanking is in store for me soon.  Whenever i become aware of this in my conscious mind, i immediately have 2 separate and opposite reactions.  One is the dread of knowing that the stinging pain on my bottom is going to be intense as i willingly stand/kneel/lay there and offer Mistress my naked bottom for her corrective spankings.  It hurts ... but then again, it's supposed to hurt.  The other is the anticipation of one of my favorite moments when i am alone with my Mistress.  The aftercare.  Being freshly cleansed of my transgressions and being in the arms of my beloved Wife who is telling me that everything is ok is one of the deepest emotional feelings i am able to share with Her.

I so very much love my Wife, my Mistress, my Goddess.

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