Tuesday, May 27, 2014

back from a long weekend

Hi everyone.  i hope you enjoyed the long weekend and the unofficial beginning of summer.  i was away from Mistress and our children for the entire weekend playing golf with my friends.  Event though the golf was outstanding, i so much miss being with my family.  Since this isn't the venue to talk about my children, i will tell you that i very much missed being in the physical presence of my Mistress Wife. 

Since the kids are out of school for summer, the whole house was sleeping as i quietly dressed for work (wearing balls stretcher under regular men's underwear) then scooted out the door for the office.  Once i arrived, i texted Mistress to thank her for surprise of allowing me to ruin an orgasm and empty my mess into her hand before i left town or the weekend.  She replied with a comment about how i had begged her not to allow me to ejaculate before my departure because i wanted my balls to ache for her while i was away, which in her mind was the opposite of being thankful.  i replied back saying "I did beg you not to make me cum, but being allowed by you to empty my balls is an honor under any circumstances.  She replied and affirmed that indeed it was an honor for me.

then it came ............... the picture of the dirty dishes in the sink followed by the text informing me that i will be punished within the next 48 hours.  When She declares that a punishment will occur "in the next 48 hours", that is my cue to be mindful of the fact that it must be completed within the next 48 hours, or the next one will be more severe.  Even if Mistress's schedule does not allow for the time to mete out the punishment, it is still considered my fault.  We do it this way because we both realize that the necessary spankings and punishments haven't been occurring sometimes because of real-life conflicts.  Mistress has made it my objective tot make whatever subtle or not-so-subtle adjustments in our schedules to see to it that the punishment happens once She has started the 48 hour clock. 

I'll keep you posted.



  1. I wish dishes washed themselves...

    1. I know, right? Maybe someone will invent self cleaning dishes. *smile


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