Thursday, May 22, 2014

Butt Plug under my clothes today

Mistress call me into the closet and had me kneel while She pondered Her options on what She wanted me to wear today.  While looking through it, Sshe turned and me present my cock to Her while She turned back around and pondered.  She showed me the balls stretching harness and the silicone butt plug. 

She then came over to where i was kneeling and trapped my hard cock between Her calves.  Not knowing if i was allowed to, i instinctively started fucking there area between Her legs and then looked up into her eyes and she was looking back into mine.  When our eyes met She smiled.  i truly cherish moments when i am able to demonstrate my complete vulnerability to her by looking at her, while she is watching me doing something that might otherwise be thought of as humiliating to others.  i love to perform sexually for Her viewing pleasure.  While continuing to "fuck" Her legs, She instructed me to worship Her belly so i lifted Her shirt and started kissing Her belly.  Mistress's belly is one of Her sexiest features.

She pulled away, told me to pull up my shorts and instructed me to masturbate myself to the edge three different times while in the shower. Also, i am to call Her during the day because Sshe is "pretty sure" that She will be having me masturbate and edge myself other times during the day today.

It has been some time since Mistress sent me off to work with my ass filled with Her plug.  Mistress and I will be apart over the Memorial Day weekend.  When i wear a butt plug, it naturally sets my "i soooo want to be an anal slut" mood in motion.  i wonder if it is Her intention to have me in that perpetual state of "please fuck me" while we are apart.  It might be a long weekend.

She also has me wearing a balls stretching harness today.

Isn't she awesome?

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