Thursday, May 8, 2014

Here, put these on

Standing naked in the closet, waiting for Mistress to come in and tell me what to wear.  She opens my panties drawer and retrieves one of 2 of my favorite pairs. 

The pair She hands me are turquoise, tiny thong with a sheer front.  i like that they are small because that makes fit snugly in my butt crack and one my bummy hole during the day.  i like the sheer front because they allow my contained cock to be seen through the material. 

The other pair of favorite panties?  Same kind and brand, only they are black.  i like to wear those for more formal settings.


  1. Last night I was just going to put on the silk boxers that I sleep in when my wife said, "don't put them on, wear these", as she handed me a pair of little satin panties. She told me they matched the ones she was wearing. Same fabric and style, close to the same color. As we snuggled in to bed she asked me "Do you like to wear panties that match mine?" I assured her that I certainly did, particularly when she picked them out and told me to wear them.
    The little pleasures of life.

    1. The little pleasures in life indeed MRBILL. Although i am never allowed to wear clothes to bed with Mistress, when i am standing there while She contemplates what i will wear on or in my body for Her today, i am never disappointed when She picks these particular pair of sheer front panties. That being said, i am eager to wear the new glass butt plug that i purchased last weekend.


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