Thursday, May 22, 2014


All of things have transitioned in my life, in O/our lives since we decided to enter a true Wife Led Marriage.  There are the obvious things of course ...... and there is excitement in knowing that O/our life together will continue to grow in ways W/we haven't discovered together yet.

One of the changes (transition) that has occurred in me is my fantasies.  The subject of fantasies hasn't so much changed.  They are still mostly based in a trusting, loving Dominate/submissive context.  i even sometimes fantasize about being a temporary dominant in order to fulfill what may be a latent subconscious desire for Mistress to assume a submissive role temporarily.  i mean let's be honest, if it feels this amazing to give the gift of submission of your mind, your body, your sex, your orgasm to another, why would it be logical to assume that Mistress wouldn't sometimes want to experience that as well.  After all, prior to our loving FLM, we would switch roles.  But i digress .....

While placing the balls-splitting cock ring on this morning as Mistress instructed, i realized that ALL of my fantasies now include Mistress.  Yes, ALL of my fantasies now naturally include my beloved Mistress Wife and ALWAYS are with her being pleased in mind.  Whether the fantasy is Mistress leading me around by my balls on a leash in a public setting, or whether Mistress has decided that she wanted me to perform a sexual act for her for her viewing pleasure, either alone with toys or with another Domme or submissive, or whether it is watching Mistress having sex with another, um .... woman, the end result is always the same.  Pleasure for Mistress.

I have come to realize that this has happened naturally and is not something that i force myself to think or believe.  Once realizing this, a smile came over my face and i look upon it as a sign that the intent of offering my submission is real.  It is to please her. 

I love my Wife!


  1. Every day you leave the house wearing panties, bra, splitter, or cage, you will think - i am really luck and today is going to be a great day. We hope you reach that point quickly.

    1. I already do think dual. In fact, I think that when Mistress denies me everything and insists that I wear "normal" clothes on that day. Normal clothes ..... it has become, in and of itself, a symbol now of my role as a submissive husband. Pretty cool huh?

  2. Dear Sub Hub in Phx,
    It is really good to have a look at the past from time to time and think about how everything has evolved until the present. It is useful and amazing if you realise you've improved and that your lives as a couple and your FLR is far better than it was before. So, congrats!
    Switching is something not so uncommon, as far I know, in FLR, taking into account that some couples come from a non FLR (of course)....but, it is true that once you get to the point you both are....difficult for a sub to go backwards and get the dominant role....Anyway, I will always end up saying that every couple must adapt kinks to them.... so the combination of possibilities is endless!
    Enjoy anyway and, all in all, Mistress has the last word ;-)

    Mistress A.

    1. Thanks so much for the encouraging words Mistress A. Yes, all in all, Mistress does have the last word!


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