Sunday, April 8, 2018

How can this be exciting?

Ironically, I was explaining to Mistress K. about how happy and aroused with a recent (some might call ironic) episode we had together.  More like a non-episode really.  I was explaining to her how excited (and yes, even aroused) in recalling this past Thursday morning.  I was leaving town that morning right after Mistress left for work.  The night before in bed, she edged me 7-8 times ..... and it was so awesome, each time I was begging her to allow me to ejaculate, ruined-orgasm style.  (Notice I said ejaculate, and NOT orgasm?)I wanted it sooooo bad (still do).  When she was finally finished, she said, "we're done!  Go to sleep!"  Then a small giggle and said you've been a good boy.  Maybe you'll get to release your cum in the morning before you leave town.

Well, the following morning came.  Mistress woke up late.  She had a busy day ahead with client meetings scheduled for early and often.  That set off on the course of a shitty day.  Then, the outfit she planned on wearing was tight and making her feel uncomfortable and, her hair wasn't cooperating ... you get the idea.  Needless to say, there was ZERO interest in my desire, my "need" my craving to ejaculate.  It's as if the incredible desire for me to ejaculate was of zero interest or concern for her.  AS if whatever she was dealing with was way important than anything she may have felt I needed.

IN the past, Mistress K. may have otherwise felt a little bit of pressure to feel like the attention she thought I might need at that moment was something she needed to live up to.  Yes, she is my Dominant Mistress Wife, but she comes from a place of feeling obligated to give in to what she thinks I was hoping for ... you know, so as to not disappoint me.  

Not today.  She now instinctively did not even give it a second thought.  There was going to be NO attention paid to my perceived need for some sort of expected attention, let alone any release of my semen following the previous nights intense edging, and subsequent "promise" of release in the morning.  NONE!

Instead of me being disappointed at her lack of attention ... I was thrilled that she had zero intention if giving in to what she may have perceived I might need or want.  And, IT WAS AWESOME!  Weird, right?  No ... not weird.  Mistress has come into her own and has embraced to the instinctive understanding that it HER needs and wants at any given moment,  and NOT mine!


  1. Hi Sub hub, not weird at all :) I can relate to how this made you feel. Everything on Mistress K's terms.


    1. Hi Roz. Yup, it's the journey. her journey.

  2. Hi Sub Hub,

    I found your blog a few weeks back and I have intently read all of your previous posts. It is a wonderful glimpse into Mistress K and your relationship. Thanks for sharing.

    I believe you mentioned that at one point you and she were somewhat kinky but were not in a female led situation. I was wondering if you could give some thought to posting something about what made you decide that an FLR was the way to go. I am not necessarily looking for salacious details but rather what was the trigger that sent you down the path and how it was brought up between you. Did you initiate or was it something she started. Did you go full blown into FLR or was there a period where things ramped up.

    I am asking because I am considering whether to bring up such a relationship with my wife. In recent weeks I I have had an epiphany that my wife is actually the dominant one in our relationship even though our play has at times been kinky she is very definitely not submissive outside the bedroom. I would like to understand how things started with you and Mistress K.

    Love your blog!


    1. Sorry to jump in here, but I study FLRs and if you feel the need to bring it up, you probably should. But its all about couching it in the right terms. A good FLR is about being a more supportive husband and trusting her judgment. You CAN start off small and grow her self confidence from there.

      Point being she doesnt feel like this is going from zero to thigh highs and whips overnight. And most FLRs are vanilla with some kink.

      Pardon me butting in!


  3. Btw, I realize that you have gone into this in your very first posting but I am interested in knowing your thought processes as you decided to bring up the subject.


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