Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Throwback Tuesday

Immediately after I summoned the courage, approached my wife, the love of my life, and asked her accept my submission and to impose her domination on our marriage, (oh, and she agreed, duh) we set out to create some rules.  She tasked me with creating a draft list of rules that we could work from.  Below is the result of our first attempt.  Sadly, I do not know the date this was created.  Happily, hardly a thing has changed!



·         The Lady is the Dominant.  The pet is the submissive.

·         These rules may be amended or modified at any time at the sole discretion of The Lady

·         Pet will be kept in constant chastity to The Lady.  Such chastity is expected at all times whether it is voluntarily self-enforced, or The Lady has required the pet to wear a chastity device (lockable cage) that will prevent pet from touching or otherwise stimulating his penis, obtaining an erection or receiving stimulation directly against penis.

·         The pet acknowledges that his pleasure is derived from providing service and pleasure to The Lady.

·         The pet shall make every attempt to keep his body in pristine condition so as to further enhance the enjoyment of its use by The Lady.  As such, the pet shall maintain a completely shaved genital and anus area.  Pet shall submit to physical inspection of any part of pet’s body, at any time, for any reason by The Lady.

·         As a default and at all times, when The Lady and pet are securely alone (as determined by The Lady), pet shall be expected to be naked and to be kept naked even while performing normal duties and functions.  Pet shall be expected to become naked and remain so without being asked.  The Lady may require pet to wear something, anything, exclusively of The Lady’s choosing, as determined solely by The Lady. 

·         In normal life, during the normal course of a regular day, pet will wear normal clothes.  The Lady may require that the pet wear something in particular under pet’s “normal” clothes at her sole discretion as she deems appropriate.

·         All pets’ orgasms are owned by The Lady.  If pet is to have an orgasm, it will be because The Lady has allowed the pet to have it.  Any such permissible orgasm for the pet shall be achieved solely in a manner dictated by The Lady.

·         The pet will plan on having fewer orgasms than given the prohibition to masturbation. 

·         The Lady will manage and control the release of seminal fluid of the pet as The Lady deems appropriate.  Such release may or may not include orgasm, at the sole discretion of The Lady.

·         Pet will be required to orgasm on demand, or conversely, will be denied orgasm as The Lady deems necessary and at her sole discretion.

·         The duration and sensitivity/roughness of pets sexual performance at the pleasure of The Lady is at the sole discretion of the lady. 

·         Pet’s body belongs to The Lady.  As such, The Lady has exclusive use, control and direction of pet’s body. 

·         Any part of pet’s body is available for use by The Lady at any time, day or night, for the sexual, visual or physical pleasure of The Lady, in any way The Lady determines.  Pet may be required to perform sexual acts that give direct stimulation to The Lady or pet may be required to perform sexual acts on him for the visual pleasure of The Lady.  Any such acts are at the sole discretion of The Lady.

·         Any sexual demand/request made of pet by the Lady will be followed without question and with enthusiasm.

·         Pet is only allowed to have orgasm when given permission/instruction by The Lady.  When in the presence of The Lady, and when on the verge of achieving orgasm. Pet will always ask for permission to orgasm.  Pet will only be allowed to orgasm if such permission is granted by The Lady

·         Pet may not fondle, massage, stroke, rub or otherwise touch his penis (except when urinating and cleaning) without permission or instruction from The Lady.

·         Pet may not fondle, massage, rub, enter or otherwise pleasure his anus (except when pooping and cleaning) without permission or instruction from The Lady.

·         Pet will wear any accessory or device, externally or internally, the Lady deems necessary at any given time, for however long is deemed appropriate by The Lady, without hesitation and without argument.  Such device may be anything that might harness or control pet’s penis or something that may be inserted and held in pet’s ass. 

·         Any item that may be inserted into pet’s ass will be at the sole discretion of The Lady.  Items may be inserted for a variety of reasons, such as training pet’s ass;  as a punishment;  as a reward;  as a visual stimulation for The Lady;  as a constant reminder of pet’s dedication to The Lady throughout the day;  just because The Lady wants to.

·         Pet is required to communicate with The Lady about any physical issues that may prevent pet from performing his duties in the service of The Lady. 


·         The pet is under the authority of The Lady. 

·         There will be times when the pet breaks guidelines, misses expectations, fails to follow instructions, or generally displeases The Lady. Without consequences, the pet will be pretty much be encouraged to continue to displease The Lady.

·         Finding a punishment that has the desired effect of correcting behavior is an exercise for The Lady to determine, at her sole discretion.  Such punishments shall be determined to be corrective punishment, or punishment that’s that are in direct correlation to displeasure of the pet by The Lady.

·         The Lady may determine that regularly scheduled, maintenance punishments will be useful. The type, duration and severity of said maintenance shall be at the sole discretion of The Lady

·         Punishment may include, but are not limited to the following:  
-  Spanking, with or without the use of an implement such as a paddle, hair brush, wooden spoon, ruler, riding crop.  Spankings may be administered by The Lady in any position she deems suitable, at her sole discretion
-  Repeated intense Tease and Denial
-  Longer duration of chastity
-  Sleeping on floor
-  humiliation


  1. Wow. Pretty well thought out. I always wondered how you got started. Thanks suburb. Have wonderful week n Merry Christmas!! delr

    1. Thanks delr .... That document was always a fluid document (still us). Keep in mind you're seeing the version after many, many edits.

  2. You started out (and still have) some Great SEXpectations! I know this is not effortless, but you two sure make it look that way. So awesome my friend.

    1. Thanks Pearl .... Effortless is a good way to put it because I think it is essential. Mind you, effortless isn't always the funnest way to travel through life, because lack of effort it usually the reason why there is periods of inactivity .... but I understand what you mean and thank you very much for the kinds words. You always say nice things, and really appreciate it.

  3. My complements to you sub hub you did a great job listing rules. Very well thought out and covers just about everything. Did she change any of your ideas or add some of her own?

  4. I started with a list like this also but it's a bit sub-centric. Need to have more what you can do for your Mistress and less "I want to be your slave and I want you to do this to me"

    Just my view.

    1. I understand completely, but keep in mind this is a document that I created at the threshold of our FLM and although she has placed plenty of edits on it, we don't much even look at it anymore. Hence the title "Throwback Tuesday"

  5. It's incredibly erotic and raw to read others contracts! Thank you for sharing! I look forward to being collared myself in the near future.

    -HarleyQ420 on fet :)

    1. So nice to see you HarleyQ420, and thank you for the kind words. Being collared by someone that you so deeply care about is the most amazing experience. I can't wait to hear all about it.


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