Saturday, November 28, 2015

14 hours of Bliss

We had the house to ourselves, without outside obligations and without the chance that kids would be barging into the house with their friends.  The title refers to Bliss .....

Why you ask?   Because for 14 hours, we were able to exist in what I believe should be our natural state.  Me freshly, naked and attentive to my Mistress. 

I played golf yesterday.  When I got home Mistress wanted to get Chinese take out.  She instructed me to be showered and naked upon her return.  Bliss.

We scarfed our Asian delights and laid around the house and just existed together.  I noticed the other day that Mistress really enjoyed having me sit on the floor, near her feet when she is relaxing on the couch.  Last night, she had me resume that position again, only this time, I was in my natural state of dress.  Naked    Bliss.

Later she had me join her on the couch so that I cold rub her feet while we watched a movie.   Bliss

Soon after that, we both fell asleep on the couch, limbs entangled with each other.  My limbs were uncovered.  Her limbs had warm pajamas covering them.   Bliss

There is a good chance for a repeat of our freedom again this evening.  Boy I hope so.


  1. Hi sub hub, oh I love that you had this. I am happy for you having had such a wonderful time with your Mistress.



    1. Thanks Ni Na. Those brief glimpses into the future (empty nest) are lovely. I truly do love existing in what seems to be our natural state.

      Thanks as always for commenting!

  2. Being nude for her to play with your body any times she wishes is bliss. it's also a way to show submission. I'm surprised she didn't edge you.

    1. Easy access to the slaves body is an obvious benefit to required nudity, yes my friend. What made this blissful was that there wasn't a constant undertone of "we'd better get some kinky shit done because we only have a limited time". We just existed in what I believe was our natural state. I was naked, she was comfortably clothed. I was required to sit at her feet, which was something new that just came up (evolving I think). I guess, to be honest, I'm surprised she didn't edge me either, or that there was very little sexually related activity. But I'm not at all disappointed. Being able to exist for her in that way was, well Bliss

  3. It shows there is no 'must have' I think that is such a bliss in this day and age!

  4. My Queen and I watched The Holiday the other night. In the beginning of the movie the Kate Winslet character was narrating how tormented her soul was by being head over heels in love with someone for 3 years who could not return the love in kind. Sadly it was a circumstance I could relate to and as I did I realized that no one could truly understand the anguish such a heart goes through unless they'd been through it.

    As I read your post the same feeling, although in an absolutely positive way, came upon me. Only a truly submissive man can begin to understand the "bliss" (the perfect word by the way) you were describing. When in that place, which I feel is a little different than subspace, it's as if we've "arrived" as it were. And yes, the glimpses of the future it gives us acts as a beacon. A place to look to even through the murky times which will certainly be visiting the spaces we live in.

    Very nice post, thanks!



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