Wednesday, December 2, 2015

*link to* Me and my Chaste Husband

For some reason today, I'm feeling all "sharey" and I feel the need to share more cool reading that I have come across, because you now how it is ... something strikes a cord in my mind and of course that automatically means that anyone I have ever "talked to" here must feel the same way I do ..... So why not post it?  *smile.  Forgive me for that.  Pressing on ........

Many of you may already read the blog "Me and My Chaste Husband".  It is a written by a lovely woman and Mistress Wife named Katie Christian.  She will tell you that Christian is not her real last name. 

Anyway, she writes some amazing, right to the point posts that are primarily devoted to male (her husband) enforced chastity.  I encourage you to go there and browse through some of the brilliantly written posts. 

Her most recent post (as of this writing) is especially wonderful.  You can read it by following the link below:

In it, you will find this sentence, which for many of us submissive husbands, sums up our true existence very nicely:

"I wanted the satisfaction of knowing that when we were intimate I would be satisfied, he would not simply put my desires first, they would be the singular goal."
Thank you Katie Christian ..........


  1. Yes, this post from Katie is really excellent.
    One of the things that I appreciate about her blog is reading how much she enjoys their sensual relationship.
    I love this snippet from the same post: "There is something wickedly fun about applying a cream to my husbands penis to decrease his pleasure so he can increase mine."
    That just makes me want to swoon.

    1. Thanks MRBILL. I always appreciate hearing from you. I don't know about, but my very favorite thing is for Mistress to require me to apply numbing spray to my cock and then use my penis extension to give her the good, hard fucking she desires.

      Swoon indeed!

  2. Hi sub hub, I don't know the page yet, but will visit. I think this is a great quote, this works equally well with submissive wives. :)



    1. Hi Ni Na ... I've come to conclude that there are so many things that someone like you (submissive girl) and someone like me (submissive boy) can love, desire and appreciate, and it doesn't matter the gender. it's subspace!

      Thank you as always for your support.

  3. What are the odds that Katie is not Katie but a man who loves to write titillating fantasy? Does your wife think Katie's real?

    1. Don't know what the odds are. I happen to think that she is completely legitimate, but even if it merely based in my hope that she is, I give her the benefit of the doubt and don't question it.

      Mistress K. does not have an opinion as to whether Katie if legit or not, because I haven't asked her. She DID love her post though!!

      Thank you as always for stopping by Peter T. Always great to see you!

  4. A few times R has talked about getting me a cage not so much to keep me chaste but another way to remind me I'm submissive to her. I do agree her pleasure comes first and it's my duty to make sure she has had at least one climax before me and I always ask if she wants another. She will also tell me if my orgasm will be inside her or if she will milk me. I do hope some day I will be told to order a cage.

    1. Sounds familiar brother. Mistress only requires me to wear the cage for punishment purposes.

      "She will also tell me if my orgasm will be inside her or if she will milk me." For me, it's 'She will tell me IF I will have an orgasm. If by chance she has decided I will be having an orgasm, it's almost always ruined!


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