Thursday, March 15, 2018

Waiting to get spanked

In the past several months, Mistress K. hasn't spanked me hardly at all.  She attribute that to my occasional forgetful, or arguably disrespectful attitude she feels I sometimes display.

I'm literally sitting here, waiting for her to finish getting ready for work (blow dryer running as we speak), for her to get dressed, and the to be summoned into the closet for what promises to be an enthusiastic spanking.  And I am nervous ........


  1. As an update ... Mistress went super easy on me. The infraction was not remembered. She informed me about when I was awakened from falling asleep on the couch the other night and all I heard was " ..... you'll be punished for that". Mistress K. could not remember what it was for either and since I never really heard the reason, and she couldn't remember, she went easy on me.

  2. Glad Mistress K went easy on you.



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