Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Mistress is evolving into a great leader

My wife, the beautiful Mistress K., is becoming a better leader of our marriage with every passing day, week, month, year.

In recent posts, I have described how Mistress K. has had me masturbate to the edge very frequently throughout the day the past couple of weeks.  On Sunday it was every 30 minutes through the entire day and night.  During this time, not surprisingly, my desire to please her increased every minute of every.  I have become more and more desperate to please her sexually.  I wanted so bad to be able to spend hours between her legs and in her ass, worshipping at her most sacred alters.  I had it in my mind that me telling her that I want to please her that way, and that demonstrating more and more my desperate desire to do so would be welcoming to her.  It never occurred to me that I was wrong. 

I just got off the phone with Mistress who was wonderful enough to ask me why I thought she has been putting me through these paces these past 2 weeks or so.  I was honest and told her no, I didn't understand and I reluctantly admitted that I felt like she was punishing me for something for an unknown reason.  She said no, she wasn't punishing me and that in fact, I have been a very good boy during all of this.  I was getting even a little pouty and frustrated that she clearly had a goal in mind for me but I wasn't able to see what it was. 

She started off by telling me, no reminding me, that SHE is the Mistress and that whatever type of pleasure she may desire at any given time is for only her to decide.  I told her that I was completely and utterly aware of that concept, and asked her why then has it been so long since she had allowed me to be the physical source of her sexual pleasure.  She went on to explain that she cares very deeply about those things that I desire, and mostly wants to allow me those desires.  The she said that although that just because they are my desires "to please her", and because she is the Mistress, they have nothing to do with whether or not they are, or should be her desires at that moment. 

Since she does care very deeply about my desires.  She genuinely wants to allow me those desires, but only if she wants the very same thing at the same time.  She said me telling her I want to do this for you, or I want to do that for you only hurts the chances that she will simultaneously want it too.  She is holding fast to the anchor-point principal that it is not about me, ever, and what I may want, even if I may think it is something I am offering to her.  Even if it is intended by me, or even masked (unintentionally) as being something that would please her.  In essence, a subconscious, unintended topping from the bottom.  DUH!  What a dork I am.

My beautiful and benevolent Mistress unmasked her intentions by telling me that she wanted for me to be at the peak of sexual desire, even frustration when she made the point that it is way more likely that she would actually want the pleasure that I was hoping to give her.  But only if she could innately and without hesitation, know that I wasn't trying to get her to indulge MY desires, even if it was subconscious or unintended on my part.  She graciously said that the manner in which I communicated these things mattered immensely.  Me telling her what I want, even if I consciously believe I am doing her a favor, is 180 degrees different than me simply asking if offering her sexual pleasure was something that she may want.    DUH!  What a dork I am.

I am smart enough to know that just because I ask from the position of her slave, doesn't mean that it is something that she will want, and if it isn't, for whatever reason she would decide, she will decline and that will be that.  I'm also smart enough to know (now that I have been taught this lesson) that asking appropriately greatly increases the chance that whatever service or pleasure I may be offering, will be something that she would enjoy because it is coming from a now better trained slave.

I love you Mistress K. and am in awe of how you continue to evolve in our beautiful journey.  Thank you.


  1. It sounds as thou gh you were put in your place.

  2. Hi sub hub, I love how well your Mistress and you communicated and how clear it has become that the way you try to show her that you want to please her makes the difference between topping from the bottom or simply offering service, like a slave should be allowed to. I am glad that you had this talk, because it might help both of you so much to see your needs fulfilled.



    1. OMG Ni Na, you are so right! Thanks as always for commenting!


  3. I understand where Mistress K is coming from and agree with her and now you also understand better. As I wrote to you a bit ago Mistress R is finding delight in soaking my cock in my cum. Lately when she masturbates me she will rub it all over my cock and balls then straddle my head while it soaks into me. not long ago we were going to the mall shopping. She had me put a light days pad in my panties then my bullet vibe next to my cock. The cord from the bullet comes up ;my pants then under my belt and the control is in my pocket. as it has several levels of vibration when we get in the store she will simply say 1 or 2 or whatever. This has me hard in no time. At level 3 a slight buzzing can be heard and a few women looked at me not sure if they noticed I was erect. in store 3 I had it on level 4 when I said Mistress may I turn it down. She said no let it happen. with that I shot my load into my panties. She made me keep it on the rest of the time in the store. The next few stores I again had it on different levels and feeling my wet cock. the second to last store I was again erect and in the last store again I said Mistress I'm going to cum. She said it's OK let it out and I did getting very weak in the knees. I now had 2 loads in my panties soaking into my cock. After we got home and put away what we had bought I was allowed to clean up and change panties.

    1. Hi arched .... Oh my goodness, sounds like it could turn in to a difficult day for you. I like the idea I guess of being required to let it loose in my pants in public, but I'd probably get all skeeby having to wear that cum in my pants the rest of the day.

  4. Hi sub hub, I'm glad you posted this. Great food for though. Once again, I just want to say ditto to what Nina said lol.

    I hadn't really thought about it, but there is a difference in the way we ask.


    1. Looky there Roz, Mistress K. is so awesome she was able to teach both of us something we had never considered before. *smile

      Seriously, thank you as always for your kind words

  5. Hello there my friend. Nice to see you and your Mistress progressing nicely and congratulations on a breakthrough moment in your growth. This topic was the very reason I started requiring my husband to eat his cum every time he came. No amount of pain and punishment was enough for him to get it. One night he just kept pestering me to "pleasure me", letting me know that he wasn't asking to cum because all he wanted to do was pleasure me. I made him masturbate to orgasm, cum into a shot glass and drink it. He didn't want to. He didn't have a choice. Immediately following he was punished hard. Harder than usual. He was taught a lesson about this type of topping from the bottom and learned that from now on, he would eat whatever cum he produced. He's been a much much better student since.


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