Monday, August 17, 2015

Where it all started!

Hi everyone.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I just returned from a golf weekend in the cool mountains of Arizona.  You may have been that it was 117 in Phoenix this past weekend.  Mistress gave me a hall pass to go alone for the weekend, but it's so good to be back with Mistress and my children.

I woke up this morning, ready to start a hectic work week, and I came across a "Dear Abby" article that caught my eye.  Here it is:

DEAR ABBY: I'm retiring at the end of this year after 50 years of full-time employment and I'm very excited about it. Looking back over my life, I see there have been several life-changing events ... marriage, the births of our children, buying a home and, now, retirement.
My wife gets irritated every time I say (about twice a week), "When I retire." I'm looking forward to all sorts of activities that I'll have time for. Why can't she be excited too? She makes snide remarks like, "Well, when you retire, you won't have anything to say." The implication is that all I talk about is my retirement, which isn't true. And if it were true, it's a big deal to me. What should I say to my wife? -- EXCITED IN MARYLAND

The reason this caught my eye is because it is good example of what I wanted to avoid in my marriage when the mutual task of running a household and raising kids was over.  This was why I ultimately wanted to ask my wife to accept my submissiveness as part of our marriage.  I wanted to be part of what seemed like a natural way for the two of us to genuinely maintain our deep love each other, even though I was arguably the more dominant one, and she was the more submissive one. I have mentioned often that this is the origin and my motivation for seeking a FLM with my beloved wife.  I wanted for our life together to be filled with natural opportunities for her to be cherished, adored and worshipped by her loving husband, and for her life to be as joyful and comfortable as possible with me in service to her. 
The couple in this Dear Abby article seem to be typical in that they have simply grown apart because there was no method to nurture the natural emotional or physical attraction to each other throughout the course of their marriage.  They simply set out to successfully accomplish their respective roles in life and seemed to take it for granted that the love, devotion and excitement of their love would always be there.  It's a scary time for many couples that are faced with an empty nest and retirement, because now, all they have is time with each other.  Wouldn't it be great if when that time comes, each of them were genuinely excited about being together?  Just the two of them?  Being able to be naked with each other, make love whenever and wherever in the house they want?  Isn't that how it should be? 
For Mistress K. and I, in our marriage, our loving FLM will naturally allow for love and genuine desire to be together, to continue to grow as we march toward old age and when we are spending every waking minute together .... no job .... no kids .... nothing but each other.  In our marriage, it is a Female Led Marriage.  For other couples, the female is a loving devoted submissive, but the same concept applies if that is the power dynamic that is natural and nurturing.
Does this mean that D/s or power-exchange in and of itself is the key to a successful and happy marriage/relationship?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  D/s in a truly loving relationship .... where the dominant truly wishes to accept the gift of submission offered by their partner, and when each partner genuinely and lovingly grows in their respective role, the level of love and devotion is just so deep that it is almost unexplainable.
I love you Mistress ... and I cherish your love.  Your ability to accept my complete devotion and submission has made me the happiest man in the world.  Isn't that how marriage should be?


  1. I know we have this discussion before and I am so glad to be in a marriage where we genuinely enjoy being together. We talk all the time about how much we will enjoy retirement together! Nothing in this world sounds more fun and fulfilling:)

    1. I totally agree little girl! I was once married to a woman that I just plain didn't like to be around. She was a nice enough person but we just didn't see eye to eye on so many things. That was a miserable existence. Now ... of course the opposite is true. I ache for my Mistress K, my beloved wife, when I am not with her ... and that's beautiful place to be.

  2. I love this sub hub. A power exchange relationship does bring such a deeper level of intimacy and connection.


    1. Thanks so much Roz. A true, loving D/s relationship is just such and epic thing, and so difficult to understand for those that simply see it as only a kink. Thanks for your words my wise friend!!

  3. Well buddy, I certainly thought it was for us but then the rug was pulled out from under me. I have no idea whether we can ever get back to that point but I am so happy that you and my other friends in blog world are doing well with it. Hugs. K

    1. Oh sweetie, that doesn't sound good. Can I email you for a chat?

      *Big Hugs


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