Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sunday, yummy Sunday (continued)

I mentioned in my previous about other yummy things that happened last Sunday, so here goes:

After receiving the surprisingly hard spanking earlier in the day, and the beautiful aftercare that followed, I found myself with a kind of "walking on air" feeling for the rest of the day.  It was getting close to bedtime.  We had finished a lovely dinner as a family and Mistress was putting the kids to bed.  She had informed me that we were going to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful Arizona evening before we went to bed.  You know, we time.  There were no sexual overtones.  It was just supposed to be the two of us sitting outside, enjoying quiet paradise.  It's something we do from time to time and is very relaxing.   I was still grimy from the activities of the day (working on the car and around the yard) so I went to take a shower so I could be clean, smelling good and better to cuddle with when were went outside.  

In the shower I put a fresh shave on my down-there regions because Mistress had recently told me that there were be more frequent inspections of that area in order to confirm compliance of the rule that I always be freshly shaved around my cock, balls and ass.  Spanking punishment would be the result of non-compliance and with Mistress' recent, renewed enthusiasm for harshly punishing me, and mostly because I don't want to disappoint Mistress, I have started to shave there every other day, sometimes on consecutive days.  For those of us that shave down there, you probably know that sometimes you just can't seem to get s nice, close shave, and other times you can get a beautiful smooth-all-over shave.  When that happens, at least for me, it makes me feel especially sexy.  This night was one of those awesome shaving experiences and I was as smooth and buttery I can ever remember.  Getting out of the shower and applying the Tend Skin, I was feeling especially proud and decided that I would accompany Mistress outside wearing only a t-shirt.  The one I wore went down about an inch or so past my but and in that moment, it felt like I was a naked girl, wearing no panties under a short dress.  It was hot.

I went outside dressed like, expecting to see Mistress but she was still putting the kids to bed.  After about 10 minutes, she emerged and came to join me on the outside bench couch to enjoy the quiet of the night.  Since it was dark, she didn't know that I was naked under my short "dress".  After a few minutes, we were cuddling and she went to put her hand on my cock and was surprised to find me naked down there.  She very much approved and began to inspect my down-there region of signs of hair.  She was very pleased with me that I was buttery smooth.  As she does often, she purposely avoids direct contact with my penis during inspection, as a way to tease me and to keep the act of inspection all business.  Jokingly, I mentioned that she didn't need to ignore my shaft during her inspection because there are the occasional hairs that grow there that she should be certain were removed.  She giggled and said no and removed her hand and we resumed our cuddling.  I was left with a growing cock and no expectation of anything further. 

She pulled away from me slightly, sat up and lifting my little shirt that was barely covering my parts and without warning, leaned down and took me into her mouth and starting to give me a beautiful, tender, lovingly sincere blow job.  I was in heaven.  I won't go on to explain the obvious joy of receiving a blowjob but I will tell you that for me, I consider it such an incredible honor anytime Mistress allows my penis to enter any part of her body.  Her body is my temple and to look down and see my beautiful queen making love to my cock with her mouth is almost an indescribable joy.  I immediately feel like I am the luckiest man in the world.  It's hard to explain, but it's more of an emotional euphoria than physical.  On this beautiful night, in this beautiful setting, my Queen, my Mistress was pleasuring my cock with her mouth.  It was absolute heaven. 

Event though I hadn't cum in forever, I was surprised at how long I could go without informing Mistress that I was near orgasm.  It was like 10 minutes of pure bliss.  When I was approaching orgasm, Mistress would stop for a moment and lay her head on my chest leaving my rock hard cock bobbing and wanting more attention.  About 2 minutes later, without saying a word, Mistress resumed her oral gift and it went on for another 7-8- minutes before she stopped to prevent me from cumming.  She then decided it was time for us to go to bed and ordered me to my feet.  She stood in front and pulled up my shirt as if her little slut was standing there, naked under her dress, waiting to be revealed.  That feeling of objectification that moment was magical.  "let's go to bed" she said and turned to walk inside. 

Once in bed, I asked Mistress (like I do every night before we go to sleep) if she would like an orgasm this night.  She said she would and she instructed me to stand at the side of the bed bed.  She then instructed me to knell on the floor beside the bed.  Once I was properly kneeling, she scooted to the edge, opened her legs and without saying a word, silently commanded me to service her orally.  Being allowed to put my mouth on her pussy or anus gives me the same feeling of true honor of being allowed to worship at her temple like this.  She had me stop when she said "put your cock inside me".  My cock was never harder.  Being allowed to worship at her temple always gets me that way.  I stood immediately and slowly entered her while she was marinating in sexual pleasures.  Looking down at her as I slowly slide my cock inside was yet another glorious moment of honor for me.  I slowly filled and began to slowly push in and out of her when the feeling of a pending orgasm came rushing toward me.  I stopped and at that point she could sense why and without skipping a beat, she said "get back down there".  This was something new an different because normally Mistress doesn't like the idea of me putting my mouth where my cock had just been.  It's probably for the same (or similar) reason that she doesn't like the idea of me having to consume my cum like so many other submissive men are required to do.

I alternated between cock and tongue for what seemed like forever when she instructed me to hand her the vibrator. When I did, she rolled onto her tummy then pushed her ass up in the air and ordered me to resume fucking her, but this time with my penis extension (pinky) on.  It was obvious she didn't want her orgasm being pre-empted by me finding myself on the edge of orgasm.  With the vibrator doing it job nicely on her clit while my cock was buried inside her, she had two intense orgasms, one after the other until finally collapsing on the bed.  I stepped back and stood dutifully at the side of the bed while she recovered.   That vision was yet another experience that I was honored to be allowed to have.  Seeing lead up to an orgasm, have 2 of them and then watch her lay there in post-orgasmic joy.  I stood there a very proud and thankful submissive husband, relishing in the gifts that my benevolent Mistress Wife had bestowed upon me. 

As she was getting her "legs" back following her orgasm, she asked me when was the last time I had an orgasm.  "Early February Mistress" was my reply.  Of course I was hopeful that her question was an indicator that I may be having one this evening until she next said, "put everything where it belongs and come cuddle me in bed.  You'll be going to sleep with a hard cock tonight".  After cleaning everything and putting things where they belong, I climbed into bed, nuzzled up next to my naked Mistress Wife that was still feeling the physical effects of her incredible orgasms, and held her close while she fell asleep.  Before she dozed off, I was able to whisper into her ear how grateful I was for the entire day and for her ownership of me.  She let out a moan that sounded like a contented smile and quickly fell asleep. 

What a lucky man I am.  My God, what a lucky man I am.


  1. You certainly are a lucky guy, sh. You probably deserve this.
    I enjoy your blog fery much.


    1. Thanks so much appy. I'm truly glad you enjoy it.

      I'm really so very honored and thankful for the yummy treats of Sunday.

  2. That was very yummy sub hub. Good job.

  3. sub hub what a fantastic description of your evening. I could see you both laying outside enjoying the view and stars. I could also see Mistress taking your cock in her mouth. You are both so much in love and it shows. I'm happy for you and her.

  4. Wow sub hub, what a wonderful end to a wonderful day :)


    1. Indeed it was Roz. I am so grateful to Mistress for the treats.

  5. Wow, you and your Mistress were having a wonderful weekend even BEFORE the intimate and erotic events of Sunday night, SHiP.

    Heaven on earth right there, and I’m glad both of you were able to enjoy those moments. Also, I’m impressed that your dear Mistress did not permit an orgasm, and that you whispered to her that you were grateful for the day and for her ownership of you.

    Thanks for sharing those wonderful events,


    1. Thanks HSS. I'm impressed that she denied me as well. Early on, Mistress would like acquiesce and allow an orgasm because she felt bad for me and thought that I might secretly harbor ill feelings toward her if our play didn't culminate in a full on, orgasm fueled ejaculation. Not anymore!

  6. That was so hot to read I must say


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