Saturday, April 4, 2015

I've been chosen

Di Na has nominated me for the ...

I am honored that you thought of me Di Na. Thank You!

I know that for some of you, these kinds of things are silly and a waste of time.  For others, they are so fun and offer a great opportunity to get to know someone better.  I’m both, but never at the same time.  Sometimes I read some of this stuff and yawn, then hit my head on the keyboard once I’ve final dozed off.  Other times I’ll read this kind of stuff and think, holy shit … that’s awesome;  or holy shit … that’s hot!
My friends, if you are among those that think this is silly, I ask that you indulge me and allow me a hall pass to do this in your mind.  For those of you that love doing this kind of thing, please understand that I won’t be nominating anyone for fear of not knowing how they might feel about now having to be obligated to participate.  I so much value the friendship and relationship I have with each reader here.  I did the same thing when that Ice Bucket challenge was going around.   

Here we go:
The rules (where are these rules kept, anyway?*smile)...for the Real Neat Blog Award are

1)  Put the award logo in your post 

2)  Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you 
3)  Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs
4)  Let them know you nominated them

Di Na asked:

1. What non-physical attribute do you enjoy most in a partner?   I love how wonderfully sweet and loving she is to all people and all creatures.  It is the reason I fell in love with in the first place … that and her gorgeous ass!  *grin

2. How do you feel when others start flirting with your partner? 
It depends.  If it’s a man, yes there is apart of me that thinks it is hot because I know that Mistress should maybe deserve sexual pleasure in whatever she deems appropriate.  However, that part of me is completely eclipsed by the part of me that knows I would never be able to handle it emotionally.  If it is a woman ….. Yummy!

3. What's your special talent?  
I’m McGiver!  I can fix almost anything.

4. What makes you feel most alive: 
Other than the obvious answers of my family and my marriage to my Mistress …. Fishing!

5.  Is there anything about yourself you would change? 
I would be better organized

6.  What is your biggest fantasy? 
Tough one because there are so many.  To be the preferred sub among 1 or 2 other subs (female) that Mistress would have in her stable.  I would not be dominant nor submissive to this other sub(s), nor would I engage in sexually activity with her/them unless instructed to by Mistress.  All of this would be in an environment where we are surrounded by like minded people so I could demonstrate my submission to Mistress K. openly.
7. Kink - o - metre question: on a scale of 1 (vanilla) to 10 (kinkiest kinkster ever) where do you see yourself?    
6 with a strong desire to be led to 8.5 by Mistress K.

I sincerely thank you Di Na for honoring me with being on your list. 


  1. Lol! Sometimes these things can get a little old, but I do like a change in the type of posts, switching it up a bit.

    We love fishing over here! I'm in it for the peace of mind, he is in it for the catch, and the kids just have plain fun. :)

    1. Hi Misty, thanks for stopping by.

      Where is "over here"? What kind of fishing?

    2. Unfortaintly, I can't tell you where here is, but trout is our goal.

      I've fished since I could hold a fishing pole. My largest, to date, is a Bass at 7lbs...I can't pass chance to brag ;)

    3. I get that you can't tell me where t"here" is. Please forgive me. I was just looking for a region in the country because as you know, fishing varies depending on the region. I wasn't asking for your address. *grin

      Thank you for replying. Love having you as part of my favorite commenters.

  2. I have to laugh as you started your post exactly how I think when I'm asked to participate in these. "does anybody really care what my answers are?" But I myself enjoy reading other bloggers answers to such an interesting variety of questions. It's a great way to get to get to know each other just a little bit better - as the questions asked are usually not what we'd write a post about, other than if we were asked.
    I have to say that I think you are way higher in the kink-o-metre scale than you said - or I'm way lower than what I said (lol) - but I really enjoyed your answers and did not yawn once. ;)

    1. Glad I could make you giggle Cali. I'm right there without .. sometimes these things are tedious, and other times they are very interesting, even erotic. Getting to know each other is a good thing and I truly do feel honored that someone would think enough of me to include. In this case, it was Ni Na.

      Perhaps you are right on the kink-o-meter comment, but who knows right? Thank you for not yawning .... even once.


    2. One thing I forgot to mention Cali .... thank you so much for following this blog. I can't tell you how excited I get when I see a new follower listed in the Members Section. Especially one that I like .... like you!

  3. Hi sub hub, thank you for your answers, I enjoyed reading them so much and also thank you for playing along. :) Your Mistress sounds wonderful, does she know that you could imagine her with another woman? I had to look up McGiver, but at least I knew the actor, and being able to fix almost anything is a real gift, wow. Is not being better organized something that brings you in trouble with your Mistress? Showing submission like you describe it sounds awesome. What would being led to more kink by your Mistress mean? If some of this is too nosy, just ignore the questions, I can fully understand that and don’t want to cross any lines I should better not.
    Wishing you happy Easter. :)



    1. HI Ni Na. It's a pleasure to play along, especially since you thought enough of what I had to say to nominate me.

      You're a good judge of Mistresses. Yes, my Mistress is wonderful. Not only does she know I could imagine her with another woman, I am always sending her pictures of a beautiful redheaded Mistress with a beautiful submissive woman and telling her that I think she deserves to have one of those.

      I suppose not being better organized does indeed allow me to get in trouble with Mistress. Being better organized would certainly go a log way to at least remember better how to be a better husband.

      I don't know what being led to more kink would men exactly. Perhaps more ritualistic ways I may be required to demonstrate my submissiveness to her. Perhaps having Mistress take on a female submissive. Perhaps harsher, more consistent punishments. Any of those I suppose plus likely many others.

      None of it was too nosey. Not in the least. That's why are all here in blogland right?

      Happy Easter to you too Ni Na, and thank you again for inviting me to do this.

  4. I don't think they are silly or a waste of time. I loved the questions and your answers. I can see you now if your Mistress took on a female submissive. I can see both of them putting your butt plug in and spanking you when you deserve it or just because they want to spank you.

    1. I don't think they are silly either, but I know that some people do. I like what you see though!!

  5. Hi sub hub, I'm sorry I am late in commenting. I enjoy these posts and getting to know more about blog friends.

    I enjoyed reading your answers. McGiver cracked me up. I used to LOVE him lol. Great Fantasy :)


    1. Hi Roz. I enjoy these posts too (just like the questions for March) because I've learned a lot about many of the people I now call friends here. Like you. *smile

      thanks for always stopping by!


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