Friday, February 16, 2018

Chastity - Words Matter

Chastity.  What is it?  What do most people think it is?  What does it mean to you?

From the internet ... the definition of the word is:

Chas ti ty;

Noun  -  The state of practice of refraining from extramarital, or especially from ALL sexual intercourse.

For many people in the fetish/kink world, being in chastity exclusively means that the man or woman is wearing some sort of device that prevents them physically from having sex, or at least sexual stimulation of the genitals.  Per my last post, I was recently in my cock cage for 4 days as a punishment for my, well ........ let's just say she was disappointed and then not happy with me.  Here I am, safely locked up for what would turn out to be 4 days of continuous punishment.  Yup, it's actually me ......... All locked Up.

But, I digress from the intended message.  What was that again?  Oh yeah, chastity and what does it mean?

To Mistress K. and myself, it means the complete and utter control that she has over anything sexual having to do with me.  Anything and everything!  I am in completely and utter chastity, constant 24/7/365 with Mistress, unless Mistress decides at any given moment otherwise.  And even then, any sexual activity that I may be involved with requires her express permission and supervision.  All of that get accomplished without the use of a "chastity cage".  I am so very grateful that the type of chastity Mistress K. imposes on me is the volunteer kind.  I have become keenly aware that any violation to the trust she places in me on the subject of not masturbating, touching myself sexually, ejaculation without permission ..... etc., is akin to infidelity.  My sex, my cock, my ass, my orgasms, my ejaculations, are the property of Mistress K. and to not follow her specific rules on the use would be stealing from her.  

I am not looking down my nose at those that define chastity by a cock cage, or feel that the only way to prevent their man from touching himself/cheating/stealing is to put him under lock and key.  I am suggesting however, that when the term Chastity is used, it would be wise to use it in it's proper context rather than only speaking about some device.  

As I write this on Friday morning, I am still grateful for being unlocked and that the cage itself is securely placed at the bottom of my panty drawer.  I hope it's a long time before I piss off Mistress K. enough for her to feel I need to wear it again.


  1. Wow! That is EXACTLY how we look at it. The only difference it seems is that I usually don't mind the cage.

    1. I do mind the cage, not for any other reason than the inconvenience of having to sit every time I pee (like a chastised sissy I suppose) and the smell of the thing after a while ............ guh

  2. Oh my sub hub, I can see why you hate the cage! I nodded also reading what chastity means to you and Mistress K.


    1. Hi sweet Roz. Chastity is as Chastity does. Call it what you will but when one person owns the persons right and access to anything sexual, and there is deep love and trust .... it's magic.

  3. Between a dominate and submissive there has to be deep trust. At one time we looked at chastity devices and talked about getting one for me. there were a few that Robyn liked and after much discussion it was left with if you want me to buy one I will or you can buy one for me. that was some time ago and I still don't have one so I guess that is her answer. I do see the drawbacks you mentioned and you must do as told.

    1. Hi ole buddy. Thanks as always for taking the time to comment. Yes, indeed, deep trust is not just important, it is absolutely essential! Like you, I enjoy being kept chaste by my Mistress, without here feeling the need to lock it up. She feels that if the chastity cage is what is necessary to prevent me from stealing what belongs to her, then there isn't a sufficient level of trust to begin with. I know that not everyone feels that way, but she does. This is why she only imposes the use of the cage as a punishment.


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