Thursday, January 23, 2014

Unexpected time alone for us

On Monday (MLK Day), my Wife and i were lucky enough to have the house all to O/ourselves for a couple of hours.  i was out running errands when that happened and then i received a text that said "come home and have me".  You can imagine how much excitement a guy like me immediately has when receiving a text like that.  Not knowing what was in store for me, i hurried home.

Immediately upon entering the house, and then confirming that there were no little ones about, i became naked because the rule in O/our house is that when W/we are alone, i am required to be naked in Her presence at all times, without being told, unless otherwise instructed.

She informed me that for the short time that W/we would be alone, that i was going to bathe and cleanse Her body.  Yummy!  She then drew a bath in O/our oversized bathtub.  i excused myself to go to the bathroom and when i returned, She was laying in the tub with the rising water just below Her gorgeous breasts,  Her beautiful red hair was slicked back and She couldn't have looked more Goddess-like and i just gazed at Her in awe.

After getting permission to enter Her bath, i stepped in lowered myself to a position between Her widened legs.  W/we chatted for a while the tub finished filling and once it was full, She turned, re-wetted Her hair and handed me a bottle of shampoo.  i was in an awkward position so it was difficult to give Her the kind of scalp massage my Goddess deserves.  She let me know that She expected me to become better at washing her hair. i know what that means! Next She told me to stand and She began to clean my body with a soapy scrubber.  Even though i was clearly very, very, very hard, She continued in a very business-like manner and was merely washed my body.  Other than what was needed to clean my body, there was no attention paid to my swollen cock and ass.  i wanted so bad for Her to edge me right there but alas that didn't happen.  She instructed me to rinse and then She stood, faced the wall, spread Her legs slightly and arched Her back before instructing me to clean Her body.  OMG what a sight that was. After that, i shaved her legs.  I have never done that before.  It was wonderful.  Then, she allowed me to watch Her shave her glorious pussy.  OMG yes!  i can't adequately explain the joy i get by merely looking at Her naked body and with the pending task before me, i was sooooo excited.  i took great care in washing Her gorgeous body.  i thoroughly enjoy exploring and worshipping every inch of Her body.  Often She will require me to worship Her entire naked body and basically massage her with light kisses and soft bites.  She especially likes bites on Her neck, back and shoulders while i am doing this.  Quite literally, i can almost achieve an orgasm while paying this kind of attention to Her gorgeous body.  But ..... i digress ............

After thoroughly cleaning my temple (her body), She opened the stopper and let the water drain until there was only about 2 inches in the tub.  She had me lie on my back and offered me a treat that i so desperately always want.  She straddled my face with Her legs and slowly lowered Her freshly shaved, freshly washed pussy onto my face.  She says this is not her favorite position so it is not something i get to enjoy often, if ever, but i was in heaven. For me, like most submissive husbands i suppose, the mere contact of my mouth on Her pussy and ass is heaven on earth, with the ultimate joy being able to feel and see Her have an orgasm.  She stood and changed Her position facing away from me and then lowered Her warm mouth to my aching hard on.  i almost came right then and there. It took every ounce of energy i had to keep from coming because She expressly forbade me from coming. 

Side note ..... although i have never had an orgasm without her permission (or without being in her presence for that matter) since we officially began our wife-led-marriage odyssey, i am smart enough to know that coming without permission would result in a severe punishment.  The likes of which i know wouldn't be pleasant.  I've asked Her on occasion what exactly the punishment would be if i actually did come without permission and her response was mysterious, ominous and chilling.  It was all those things but it was also very non-specific.  i only was told that it would be something very, very unpleasant should it happen.

Back to the bathtub ......... She changed her possession and with Her mouth on my aching cock, She pressed a finger against my bottom hole.  She stopped suddenly and i could tell She was gathering soap on Her hands and fingers in order to fuck me with.  She returned Her mouth to my cock and Her finger to my rear hole. Sensing i would come if She continued sucking, immediately pulled Her mouth off of me but her finger remained at my rear entance.  She was nearing an orgasm and as the flood of orgasmic pleasure ran through Her, She thrust her finger inside my hole.  It was glorious!  As i tried desperately to rub my cock against Her (or anything) She told me to continue licking Her pussy and i was able to bring Her to another orgasm. 

As i have said before, for me, there is nothing more beautiful and satisfying than to witness my Wife, my Goddess, my Keyholder, my Mistress have an orgasm.  i got to see two!!!!

After a short recovery for Her, She got off of me and told me that She was done with me.  i knew better than to argue or beg but i'm certain that She was able to see the pouty lip as I realized that my sexual fun was over for now.  It didn't matter to her (and it shouldn't) because it is only about Her sexual pleasure and not mine.  Orgasms for me are only something i am able to have when, and if She believes i should have one.  That's how W/we roll and i wouldn't want it any other way.

Oh, coming soon ..... a picture of the aftermath of being punished well.


  1. This was a fun way to spend a day home together! It is nice that you can worship her so many ways, with washing her hair and all! I love when I have my slave so close to cumming too that my slightest touch almost sends him over the edge.

    How often in the past 18 months does she generally allow you to cum?

    1. Thank you for your comments Mistress Marie. It was indeed a glorious way to spend the part of the day together. Mistress K also seems to enjoy keeping so, so close to the edge in much the same condition as you enjoy keeping your slave.

      I don't know an exact number of the number of times over the last 18 months I have been allowed to orgasm. In the beginning, the orgasms/ejaculations were more frequent than they are now. Perhaps 7-10 days then. As time went on, and as Mistress discovered ruined orgasms and even prostate milking, she incorporated more and more of those allowing me the gift of release, but not necessarily the gift of orgasm. Once she discovered that a ruined orgasm, or mere release via milking allows the release of semen while still maintaining a continuous state of desire in me, she has been using that more and more on me.

      My last full-on release with an orgasm was this last Friday. Over the previous 30-35 days, when there was a release it was a ruined orgasm.

      I hope that answer your question.


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