Friday, January 31, 2014

Still Denied

On the way home from my trip last Sunday afternoon, I talked with Mistress on the phone and She sounded like She felt like shit ... and She did.  She said in Her scruffy voice that She had big plans that night for the use of my body when I got home, but that now, none of that was going to happen.  i was disappointed to be sure.  i hadn't had an ejaculation in almost 2 weeks (ruined orgasm) at that point, or a real orgasm in almost a month.  Now it is the following Friday morning and none of that has changed. 

Since returning home on Sunday, i have been teased to the edge and denied probably a dozen times.  On Tuesday morning, after getting out of the shower, i was told to get on all fours in the bedroom and wait for Mistress before i got dressed for the office so Mistress could properly tease and deny me.  She smeared a ton of lube on my/her cock, balls and ass and proceeded to bring me to and keep me at the edge of orgasm.  i wanted to come soooo bad, but alas it wasn't going to happen.  i thought She was going to milk me.  Instead She just teased my hole while She expertly kept me on the edge.  She smeared the lube all over my ass and proceeded to spank me as punishment for my pouty, bitchey behavior while She was ill.  Suddenly She stopped and told me to get dressed for work. 

W/we have rules in O/our house.  Many of which i will explain further as this blog continues.  One of those rules is that i required to inform her that when i about to get dressed so She can tell me what i am to wear on or in my body, under my clothes that day.  Some days it's nothing underneath.  Other days it could be that i am to wear my chastity cage, panties or a cock ring.  Still other days it is a butt plug.  On that particular day, i was told to wear a balls splitting cock ring.  It is a delicious leather device that is a cock ring with a strap that lifts and separates my balls.  It is a constant reminder throughout the day of who owns my sex.  Yesterday morning i was told to wear lacey purple thing panties to the office.  Usually at bedtime i told to remove them as i usually required to be naked in bed for her but last night i was told to wear them for sleep. 

i was waiting in bed for Her to join me.  The TV was the only thing lighting the room and when She emerged from closet, i could from the light of the TV that She was naked.  Holy shit She looked incredible and i immediately got hard in my panties.  When She got into bed W/we started kissing and cuddling like teenagers and She was just so beautiful.  She wasn't wearing any cologne but She smelled incredible. i just love her natural smell.  She allowed me to place light kisses all over Her back and ass, which is one of my favorite things in the world to do.  She informed me that there would be no cummies for me because She wanted to sleep.  Realizing this, i asked, no begged, to be allowed to get between Her legs while she laid on Her back, and just allow me to look into Her eyes while I slowly entered Her.  i promised i wouldn't attempt to pump my cock and that all i wanted to do was be inside Her for a moment before we went to sleep.  She looked at me like an absolute angel (she has never looked as beautiful as she did right then), kissed me softly and said ............  "not tonight my love".

i spooned her with my aching hard cock pressed against Her for 15 minutes or so before she drifted off to sleep.  OMG i love this woman!

Tomorrow is another day.


  1. David is required to wear a leather cock collar at all times around his balls that has a cock ring on it and a tag hangs from it that says who owns it! I sometimes have him wear other devices though like a cock and ball spreader, cock sling, anal plug with cock ring, or panties as he works. Sometimes I even make him use Cryoderm or Icey Hot on certain areas too. I think it is best for the slave/subby to have a constant reminder of his status.

    1. Thank Mistress Marie for commenting on my blog entry. Oh my, I hope my Mistress doesn't get any ideas from reading your response when it comes to the Cryoderm/Icy Hot idea.

      Like you, Mistress likes for me to have a constant reminder of who is my Mistress and Keyholder while being constantly reminded of my status. Like today, I am wearing frilly, lacey pink panties. There are days when she makes me dress "normal". I don't know if it was her intention, but the lack of something physically on or in my body to remind of my status, reminds me of my status. Weird huh?


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