Wednesday, January 29, 2014

On Thursday past, i was leaving town for a trip with my buddies.  i took the day off in order to get ready and that allowed Mistress and i to be alone most of the day. A rare treat for U/us.  my departure was delayed until early evening so O/our time together was even more than W/we expected.

She was working from home and throughout the day, She would summon me to stand next to her while She worked on the computer.  Being already naked (required when W/we are alone together), Every 45 or so, She instructed me to masturbate next to her while She conducted her business.  Of course no orgasms were allowed, although i do admit that i was hopeful that i would be required/allowed to ejaculate prior to leaving on my trip.  It was deliciously humiliating to be required to stand there and stroke Her/my cock for Her pleasure. For the day, i was required to bring myself to the edge of orgasm at least 10 times.  She commented later about how lovely it was to have Her naked slave standing next to Her, stroking.  There would be no such orgasms, ruined or otherwise.  She said She wanted me to be reminded of Her via my aching blue balls for the duration of my trip.

When my buddies arrived to leave for our trip, i finally realized then that no orgasm would take place.  ;-(  Trust me, i thought about her loving domination all weekend.  i couldn't wait to get home.


  1. I enjoy having my slave stroke and edge for my entertainment too. I am sure this made her work all the more interesting :). I think it was good she didn't let you cum, she ensured you were lusting after her and focused on her much more than you would have been while off having fun with your friends.

    1. You are absolutely right. Not letting me cum was so awfully delicious.


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