Wednesday, September 9, 2020

All submissive men should read

I came across this post on a website for a Mistress named Aleta.  I found it to be pretty amazing and absolutely true.  Give it a read.  Sorry it's a bit wonky, but it's how it would fit on the page.

My Slave Wrote this- All Submissive Men Should Read

The Submissive Man is a more Evolved Man. 

Regardless of whether we are true submissives or not, our approach to attracting a woman's attention is very similar. We all try to be chivalrous and personable. However, the true driver and motivations are very transparent and different. The true submissive is about pleasing the woman and feeding her pleasures. The non-submissive is in a quest to satisfy his own release and to feed his fleeting orgasm.  

For the non-submissive, the woman is the object for their pleasure. With a submissive their object is the pleasure of the woman. 

Submissive men focus their energies on the woman. They make themselves available by understanding the intimate needs of the woman. The happiness and pleasure of the woman is very important to them. They make themselves available emotionally, physically, mentally, sexually, spiritually and in any other ways they can, solely to please the woman. This in itself creates a high level of intimacy. It is through this intimacy that he is able to service and submit to the woman. He has let go of his male ego and has accepted that he is here to serve the woman. This sort of relationship leads to both partners discussing the most intimate and depraved thoughts and acts honestly without any prejudices. He understands that there is a higher calling than his own fleeting orgasmic pleasure. He forgoes that fleeting pleasure for something far greater, the pleasure of his woman. That brings him joy and happiness. He places her needs over his , and that creates the holy union.  

The relationship between a Dominant Female and submissive man is deep. This cycle of Her pleasure and him pleasing Her, creates a cyclic chasm, that deepens. She's reaching new states of pleasure and him reaching deeper states of submission and devotion. This cycle inherently creates a bond in which both unleash their primal animal within them. This allows for a myriad of fantasies to manifest, wherein both are always in touch with their sexual and spiritual selves.

So to all submissive men, we are more evolved and are vibrating at a higher plane. 

This helps us to get in touch with the divine superior female and be there for her multiple pleasures. It sets us free. 



  1. Apparently, you've confused 'submissive' with 'doormat' and laud the creation of sexually selfish females. And to add that this is somehow 'more evolved' is just icing on the cake. How about both PARTNERS take care of each others needs? Sometimes when I see posts like this I find it hard to separate many submissive men's self-loathing from the opposite vice: excessive ego. Your kink is no more special than any other, and you are not 'more evolved'.


    1. Is your name really Clarence? That Clarence? Or the courageous, anonymous Clarence?

      You are absolutely wrong Anonymous Clarence. There is no self-loathing going on and your ignorant, wrongly assumed opinion of what being a submissive husband means you'll never be able to experience the joy of being evolved this way.

      Doormat? Hardly there tough guy. You have confused those words in forming your ignorant opinion of someone you don't even know. That said, I will give you huge credit for using the word "laud" in a sentence. Very sophisticated word for an anonymous name caller.

      Sexually selfish females? Are you serious? 2 things, I am submissive to only ONE female, my wife. so-called submissives that are swimming in a fetish-porn fueled marinade most of their day somehow believe that submissive men feel submissive to all women ... and it just ain't true stud.

      No self-loathing here. So does that excuse me from "vice" category? I am not a spokesman for 'my kink', nor do I give a single fuck about trying to convince anyone that it is special. But make no mistake about it, I am evolved directly because of my relationship with my Wife.

      Now, kindly go fuck yourself.

  2. Wow sub-hub, very interesting to read this, it provides more insight into the submissive man's mindset.


  3. There's some good stuff here. And yes, we submissive men do think we're superior to those 'honey! gimme a beer and a blowjob' lunks!
    Submissive men have channeled their orgasmic desires into other areas of their relationships - some sexual, some not - but they definitely crave attention and appreciation. Our rewards may be different, and long postponed, but they're still out there. When it works for both partners, we are indeed 'vibrating at a higher plane'!

  4. Submissive is one way of saying it, for me I needed a woman who took charge, controlled by desires. I'm very lucky to have found such a woman. Her friends envy her because I always show her respect, being a proper gentleman. They don't know is that she takes me across her lap and soundly spanks me when I drift. The marriage is strong, it is what I wanted, and I have been told by her the type of husband she was looking for.

    1. Nicely said. The same is true in my marriage, and I am grateful for it.

    2. I'm grateful, but those times I must face the wall displaying a very red and sore spanked bottom, and someone drops in, I just want to hide. My wife has the hairbrush on the table just in case I do something stupid.

    3. Wow, that must be both exciting and scary. My wife has never revealed out lifestyle to anyone. That said, I would like for that to happen, only with someone we don't know.

    4. The first time had to be my mother-in-law of all people. She said to her daughter, I Told You. They talked I just stood there. The next time was her best friend, who also happens to spank her husband. My spankings are punishment, what I need, what makes the marriage strong. Spankings have been given in a hotel, been taken to a bedroom at my mother-in-law home. My wife has me call her Mommy when a spanking is needed. The one thing I did learn, women could care less about your privates, but seeing a soundly spanked male, they like that.

    5. My wife feels the spanking will take place at the time I was as she calls it naughty. I do as told, no matter who maybe present, just want to get the spanking over with. Either pull down my jeans and underpants and step out of them, of if she is really mad she will pull them down and still I must step out of them. I could care less how much I kick, squirm,plead, her spankings hurt, and when done, I dance around rubbing and saying I'm sorry Mommy, then told to face the wall. If you wonder about an erection, yes, but gone quickly once the spanking starts and very limp when I finally get off her lap. Nothing worse than being spanked in front of others, but I accept, and know it is best for me.

    6. Let me know if this happens to you. It is am experience that will open a new world, and what I learned was my wife feels the spanking has a longer affect when others see who wears the pants in the family.

    7. "Let me know if this happens to you. It is am experience that will open a new world, and what I learned was my wife feels the spanking has a longer affect when others see who wears the pants in the family."

      That doesn't happen to me. Mistress K. has no interest in allowing anyone outside our marriage to peek inside.

    8. Understand, you showed an interest, that is good. I do not like it, but I do as told, my wife wears the pants. The marriage is strong, just wanted to share.


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