Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Watching her

Hi everyone.  It has been a while since I have been here, mostly because Mistress K. and I have been unbelievably super busy.  All is well in our little slice of heaven even though our FLM has waned a little bit.  The kinds of things that have kept us busy have been a direct imposition to our ability to practice our lifestyle.  Again, all is well.  We chalk it up to the expected ebbs and flows of life.

That said, unexpectedly this morning, Mistress K. called me into the bedroom.  She was naked and had just finished putting on her makeup and was on her way to the closet to dress for the office.  She led me to the edge of the bed, had me stand and lean over to rest on the bed.  Then she lowered my shorts and disappeared into the closet, emerging with her twin tale leather paddle.  I was not in trouble so was confused as to the reason for my impending paddling.  She sat perpendicular to my head on the bed and began to paddle away.  I did not notice that she has also retrieved her wand vibrator until I heard it buzzing after the paddling had begun.  It was soft paddling but nonetheless, the edges of that damn paddle always leave a super sting even with the lightest swings. 

At first I was not allowed to watch her masturbate with the vibrator while she continued to paddle my bare bottom.  Then she informed that I was allowed to watch her and she set paddle on the small of my back so she could use both hands on herself.  It had been sometime since I was required/allowed to watch her have her own orgasm and when I lifted my head from the pillow to watch, the sight was incredible.  I was required not to move a muscle while she made love to her wand.  Slowly (then faster) she was building toward an orgasm and I was reminded of just how incredibly sexy this woman is.  When she neared her orgasm, she paused for a moment in order to redden my bottom even more, then replace the paddle on the small of my back again.  She focused her attention back to her pending orgasm and required that I watch.  I have talked in the past about being able to actually orgasm from merely watching her have sexual pleasure, leading to an orgasm .... and this beautiful scene before was moving in that direction. 

I didn't cum (nor was I remotely even allowed to) while watching her, but boy did I want to.  I can't even begin to tell how hot it is to witness Mistress K. receiving sexual pleasure and not being allowed to do anything but watch.  That was an hour ago and she has since left for the office.  I have been rock hard since.  I asked her if I cold stroke in the shower and have at least a ruined orgasm and she said no.  She did instruct me to edge ... several times but I was strictly forbidden from cumming.  The combination of the sight of her receiving sexual pleasure, the infrequent recent opportunities for us to participate in our favorite FLM activities recently, and being prohibited from participating with her was just so fucking hot.  The thoughts that are now running through my mind ...............


  1. So great to see you post sub hub :) glad you and Mistress K are finding time for each other and to maintain your FLM through the craziness of life. What a wonderful way to start the day :)


  2. Hi Subhub, good to hear from you!
    I know how it goes, life is busy and you get out of the groove of blog posting. I have not posted in a long time either.

    That was a very hot scene with Mistress. I also find it very arousing when my wife brings herself to a big orgasm while I am denied anything more than the great pleasure of getting to watch.
    Thanks for taking the time to share this, very well written too.

  3. Welcome back! Wondered what happened to you. Yummy post!

  4. Indeed a pleasure to come back from vacation and see a fresh post from you!

  5. miss your postings please come back

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