Saturday, January 14, 2017


There are things that ramble through the mind of someone like me.  An alpha male that is dominant in every aspect of his life ... except for one, and we all know what that one thing is.  The constant contrast between the two worlds that I exist in is glorious.  I love existing in each and I love "growing" in each.

One of my absolute favorite sexual activities is anal sex, both giving and receiving.  The primal nature is, well ............  RAWR!  I can't fully explain why I enjoy giving anal sex to my wife on the rare occasions that I am allowed to, except to say that it is among the most primal, intimate sexual acts that there is.  The arched back ... the deep sexual desire that is evident on her face ... the delicious struggle between a brief moment of slight pain followed by unbridled lust. When Mistress K. is in the kind of mood necessary for her to have anal sex, holy fuck .... she is an absolute sexual animal and without question there is nothing on this planet more exciting to see and be a part of than that for me.

I can explain why I enjoy receiving it so much (again, on the rare occasions that I am allowed to).  One reason, of course, is that we men have this little button in there called the prostate.  That's easy.  There other is I guess the same feeling that a girl would have being penetrated by someone that she loves very much. 

Long time readers know that Mistress K. and I renewed our original marriage vows on our 15th wedding anniversary and used the occasion to formalize our deeply loving Female Led Marriage .... and it was marvelous.  You can read about by cruising through previous posts if you are interested.  On that evening and since, I had hoped that we would consummate those new vows (our new marriage if you will) in much the same way that a traditional marriage is consummated ..... penetrative sex.  That was just over two years ago until 1 week ago, that penetrative consummation never took place, and when it did, I exhaled, even confessing to Mistress K. that it was the final element that I needed physically and mentally in our existing roles.

I won't go into the real intimate details of how she took me anally, but I will tell you that it was as beautiful a moment as I have experienced in our marriage.  It was love making and it was beautiful. 

As deep and glorious and safe of a level of subspace as I have ever experienced.  She was marvelous.  She was masterful.  She was as beautiful and loving and dominant as I have felt her to be and our love making was glorious that night.  I don't mind admitting that with her, I absolutely do love feeling like a wanton (and wanted) slut, and on this night, it was the pinnacle of that feeling.  Thank you so much Mistress K.  I sincerely do hope that it was a pleasurable enough experience for you to want to do it again.


  1. What a lovely, loving and inspirational declaration. In those moments when I allow my masculine "brain washing " to keep me from that sort of devotion I will recall what you wrote here. Thank You

    1. Thank you for the kind words peter. The masculine brain washing delightfully fades away over time.

  2. Hi sub hub, wow, what a wonderful moment and declaration of your love for Mistress K, I'm so happy for you :)


    1. Thank you as always my good friend. It was a wonderful moment.

  3. Great post sub hub. R also takes me that way and it is wonderful. For me it's the ultimate submission. The presentation of my slut hole for her to enjoy and me as well. When I am taken it's usually three positions. Bent over the end of the bed. On knees and elbows on the bed and finally on my back my feet over her shoulders as I look deep into her eyes. I hope you get it much more.

    1. Hi archedone. I know "to each his own", but for me the ultimate submission would be something else (I guess I don't what that would be until I experience it) entirely. This act, for me, is the ultimate intimate act between a Dominant Wife and a submissive husband, and as such is the ultimate expression of love.

      I too love each of those three positions, but another one I love is lying flat on my tummy, legs together ..... yes!


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